Beginner Music Theory Q & A

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Music Theory Questions and Answers for Beginners

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So I get that chords are made of triads, and those triads can have extensions and different voicing's, but how do you figure out which chord is which? …

Help with Connections of Triads 
How do I connect triads and chords from the roots of the scales?

Groupings drive me crazy 
What are the rules of 4/4 time groupings?

What chord is this? 
What would you name the chord with G D A# E in the key of D major? Guitar cartoon pictured above.

How is a trill marked tr with 132 over the top played? 
The score I am using for Chopin's Nocturne Op.9 No.2, shows a trill in Bar 8 written as tr with 132 over the top. My problem is how to determine which …

Key Signatures 
For Key Signatures, say it says sharp in the f column next to the treble staff but it doesn't have any f notes in that column so do you just not play any …

Number of Chords? Just Starting to Learn Piano 
How many chords are there for each key on the circle of fifth? I looked at chord charts for chord progressions and sometimes it seems like some are missing …

Learning Chord Notations: The Roman Numeral V 
I'm teaching myself music theory (best I can). Piano is my instrument. I'm (hopefully temporarily) stuck learning all the of the various chord notations …

Use of Proper Accidentals in a Given Key 
Here is my situation: I am trying to write down a Minor 2nd in the key of G Major (G/Ab). The common practice is to use only Sharp symbols in a key …

Originality Help! 
Thank you for this amazing, clear and free website. The way you start off teaching composition is by making a diagram (line graph) of how we want our …

About Composing: How to Compose a Song 
Hi, I found your composing lessons really helpful. It was pretty much what I was looking for. Thanks for posting them. I have a question that might …

What is the difference between 1. Written pitch 2. Sounding pitch 3. Concert pitch Answer: Hello there, In your picture above, the question …

Is This a Locrian Mode? 
I'm trying to figure out what key (and mode?) my song is in so I can figure out the chords and hopefully figure out how to start a chorus. I'm using the …

What Are Minor Scales? 
I'm a very beginner when it comes to music theory, I found your explanation of major scales were clear and helpful, but all you really said about minor …

Four Part Harmony 
Hi my name is Gabriel and I'm confused on how to write four-part harmony. I know how to write chords in a treble clef but I don't know how to write …

How to memorise scales, sharps, flats and theory? 
In 2008, I was badly injured and banged up my head which caused amnesia in an automobile accident. Then 1 year later went through a bad divorce which left …

How can I publish sheet music?  
Hi! I just stumbled on this site and love it so far! I know this is NOT a question about playing...however, I love to compose and teach on the side …

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