How is a trill marked tr with 132 over the top played?

Chopin Nocturne

Chopin Nocturne

The score I am using for Chopin's Nocturne Op.9 No.2, shows a trill in Bar 8 written as tr with 132 over the top.

My problem is how to determine which notes are to be played as the trill or is it simply that F is played with the thumb and the trill is then to be played with middle finger and the index finger?

Thank you kindly for any help you can provide.

Kind regards,
Patrick F Nash

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by: Maria

Hello Patrick!

The trill (in bar 7 in my score) is a longer trill starting from F going to G. It can as suggested be played with ex. fingers 132(3), so yes, you're right there.

You can "organize" the trill by playing four notes for each left hand beat, with fingers 1323 (or just 2323 if you prefer). On the last beat play just 132 (or 232) and include the written grace notes E and F (with fingers 12) which makes a group of five.

Please see the pictures for more clarity!

For anyone else interested, you can get the free score of this beautiful Nocturne by Chopin here:

Chopin Nocture op.9 no.2

I hope this helped!
All the best,

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