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Are you ready to start piano lessons?  Or perhaps you've already played for a while and want to improve your skills? 

Welcome to! This website is an online resource with lessons, help, tips and advice for adults who are ready to learn how to play the piano.

Whether you teach yourself to play, or learn from a piano teacher, you will find resources here to keep you motivated.

You'll also find plenty of free beginning piano lessons as well as articles teaching you basic playing techniques, scales, chords, music theory, note reading and more- to accompany and guide you as you learn to play the piano.

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Piano Lessons for Adult Beginners

Wouldn't It Be Nice...

  • Just to sit down at the piano and play beautiful music.
  • To come home after a busy day at work and relax by improvising your own piano piece.
  • Boost your brain power.
  • Open a piano sheet music book and simply read and play any piece you want. Learning how to read music will make that possible.

OK. But Where to Start?

Anyone can learn to play the piano, and you don't have to be a pro to make it sound great!

Learning to play an instrument can seem daunting at first. There are so many options...

Of course this is great, but since the piano is also one of the most popular instruments on the planet, there may simply be too much to choose from. And for a newbie that may be a bit confusing...

Some of the most Common Concerns Among Adult Beginners Are:

But, playing the piano doesn't have to be hard, and there's more than one way of learning. is your guide to help you find your way through a maze of choices, and set you on the path of discovering the world of music through piano playing!

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Piano Lessons for adult beginners

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    Aug 16, 18 05:25 AM

    You can improve your music sight reading with simple exercises. Done every day they can take you from “stumbling” through a score to fluently sight reading music as you play.

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  3. Play Piano and Read Music Better in 6 Steps

    Aug 15, 18 04:51 AM

    Learning how to play piano and read music at the same time can be a challenge. Here are 6 steps with tips and tools on how to become a better note reader.

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Hello, I'm Maria and the author of Online Piano Coach.

I am a piano pedagogue and have taught piano for over 30 years from beginners up to advanced levels to children, teens and adults.

I created to share tips and helpful tools to new and returning adult piano players. I am so delighted you're here!

It’s my wish that you will find help and inspiration here, so that you can truly enjoy your own time playing music that you love!

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