Beginner Piano Lessons

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Let's play the piano! Learn the first steps here with free beginner piano lessons for adults. 

The beginner piano lessons below will teach you about the layout of the keyboard, how to hold your hands, piano fingering and the names of the keys, and much more.

You will also learn to start reading music, plus a lot of other tips and tricks along the way.

And you know what? You need absolutely no previous skills at all! The only things you need are a piano or a keyboard, a sliver of time and a great attitude!

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So, just sit and relax at the piano, and simply focus on making a beautiful sound and the great feeling of making music!

Have fun!

Free Beginner Piano Lessons

Grand Piano with Sheet Music

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Lesson 1a: Piano Keys Layout

Why are the piano keys arranged the way they are?

In this lesson we'll look at the layout of the piano keys and design and how it has changed over time. 

Lesson 1b: Piano Keyboard Diagram 

Learn all about the piano keyboard, the names of the keys and print yourself a handy piano keyboard diagram (PDF).

Lesson 2: How to Sit at The Piano

Start right by learning how to sit at the piano with proper posture as soon as possible. Here is a beginning lesson with a video that explains how to do just that.

Lesson 3: Correct Hand Posture

In this lesson you will learn all about how to have and keep a perfect hand posture when playing the piano. 

Lesson 4: Practice Piano Fingering

Next step is to learn about the white keys. In this lesson you will learn how to practice finger numbers by playing the theme "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven.

Lesson 5: Play Piano by Ear

Get started learning how to play piano by ear today! It's easier than you might think. Here is a mini guide with a step by step tutorial for beginner pianists to learn how to play piano without sheet music.

Improve Your Memory

Did you know that playing the piano is great not just for having fun and playing beautiful music, but has been proven to help improve many other abilities as well, like language learning, organization and memory?

Lesson 6: The Piano Pedals

The piano pedals demystified! You don't have to use the pedals in the beginning, but it can be fun to learn about the pedals and how to play the piano with easy pedaling techniques.

Lesson 7: Learn to Read Piano Music

In this beginner piano lesson you will quickly learn to read piano music. This lesson is part 1 of a free mini "crash-course" in note reading for beginners. If you have no clue how to read piano music- this is for you!

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