Piano Lessons for Adults

Top Tips for Adult Beginners

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Dreaming about starting piano lessons for adults? Here you'll get tips, tools, and lots of encouragement to guide you to finally realizing that dream of yours. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Piano Lessons for Adults

Piano Lessons for Adults

Learning to play piano as an adult can be a wonderful journey of finally realizing a perhaps lifelong passion.

And the best of all, contrary to what some believe, beginning piano lessons as an adult is never too late!

Piano lessons for adults even has several other benefits and advantages, but most importantly; you are doing it because you want to, not because you have to!

Getting Started

It can be daunting to get started though. Here are some tips on what you need in order to get going:

  • You can get inspiration and tips by checking out videos of amateur and professional pianists on for example YouTube.
  • But even if you teach yourself, I strongly recommend finding a piano teacher and getting at least a few piano lessons now and then just not to develop any bad habits.
  • If regular piano lessons for adults are not an option, or difficult to find where you live, you could sign up for online piano lessons, with a real teacher and real feedback; but online, and is available in your home no matter where you live.

Tools and Tips for Adult Beginners


Realizing this dream starts with some basic tools.

First of all you need a piano and equipment like a comfortable piano bench, great lighting and perhaps a metronome.

You need to decide whether you should take lessons from a piano teacher, preferably specializing in adult beginners, or if you should teach yourself to play. 

You will also need a great beginner piano method directed to adults. Methods for children are not ideal since the learning curve, pace and understanding is completely different for an adult than for a child (one of the advantages!).

So make sure to get a great method which is intended for later or adult beginners.

No method is complete without supplementing sheet music. It may be easier to get the supplementary books in the same series as the method you choose, but I recommend selecting other piano books and sheet music as well.

Why not just stick to one book or piano method?

It is important to get used to different types of layout and size of music notation. As well as not getting used to only one approach to reading music or learning technique.

So make sure to get used to reading lots of different sheet music and styles!

Organization Tips

Piano Lessons for Adults

Organizing your practice sessions is easier in the beginning. So make sure to set up a practice routine that you can keep both for practice and just to enjoy music, as soon as possible.

Staying motivated is key! It can be a good motivator to join an online forum for adult pianists to get «virtual» pals and ask for feedback, get ideas and encouragement by other adult beginners.


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