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Welcome to my website about learning how to play the piano!

Maria Lewander, Online Piano Coach

My name is Maria Lewander, and I'm your Online Piano Coach. When I'm not working on this website, I work as a Piano and Ensemble Pedagogue, and have been busy teaching piano and music for 35 years.

Online Piano Coach is a friendly resource about learning to play the piano. It's especially tailored for adult beginners who want to start playing the piano and learn music theory from scratch in a clear and simple manner.

Here you'll discover free piano lessons, music theory lessons, tips and tools as you begin your own piano learning adventure.

I'm Passionate About Teaching...

When I started my own training as a pianist, I had no intention of becoming a piano teacher. But I soon realized how teaching was endlessly more rewarding for me than performing would ever be.

I love my job! Every day I have the privilege to have my students surprising me with something they have learned, composed or invented. It really makes my day! To see my students bloom, to grow musically... I am truly grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful profession as a piano and music teacher.

Piano Students Recital in Nea Gonia, GreeceWith my Students at a Piano Studio Recital in Nea Gonia, Greece

In 1998 I opened my own piano studio, and since 2006 I teach full time there. I teach students on all levels and ages in piano, ensemble and music theory.

I'm Here to Help You

I don't like things to be "shrouded in mystery" when it comes to learning to play an instrument, which unfortunately I was exposed to often in my own piano training. Vague or "fluffy" answers to my questions of "how exactly" something should be done or learned still drives me crazy.

My personal and constant aim is to "dust away the cobwebs"; to make the complicated easy to understand. And, a strong belief that there is a solution to every difficulty.

A Bit About My Background

I grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. As a young child I started piano lessons with a wonderful teacher in Nacka community music school.

Through junior high school I attended Adolf Fredrik Music School, a school for children with a special aptitude for music. I continued with the Aesthetic Program directed to music at Sodra Latin High School, as well as preparatory studies for higher music studies.

My studies payed off as I passed the entrance exams to the Piano Pedagogy and Ensemble program at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

I completed my Masters Degree (where Bachelor was included) in Music Education (Equivalent to MFA in MU.Ed) in Sweden, specializing in Piano Pedagogy and Ensemble Teaching.

Further Education with Life Changing Results...!

I also studied Musicology at the Stockholm University, took courses in orchestral conducting (which I loved!), and continued my post grad studies in a pre-research program in Music Education at Lund University. 

It was through this program I got a scholarship to attend an ISME (International Society for Music Education) conference in the US, where I also met my future Greek husband (!). This resulted in a move to a new country and culture. A completely new life...

Teaching in Two Cultures

Since then I have been teaching piano and music both in Greece and in Sweden. I have taught privately, in community music schools, at high schools, at the university, at the conservatory, and in my own piano studio.

I have worked as a pianist, cantor, accompanist, music theory teacher, general music high school teacher and held lectures, seminars and workshops about piano teaching and pedagogy.

Being a piano teacher sure offers a lot of variation...!

Having taught music in two cultures, as well as teaching piano students of multiple nationalities in three languages, Greek, English, and Swedish- has been challenging but also very rewarding.

I feel I have learned so much… But it has also refined my problem solving skills, to simplify, and to keep things clear, I believe.

Starting an Online Piano "Studio"

Starting an online business as this online piano studio, is something I wanted to do, to experiment with online lessons, as well as to share my joy of teaching, and make lessons available to even more students!

With OnlinePianoCoach.com I want to help you get started to learn to play this magnificent instrument, and to get lots of ideas and inspiration to continue your music study further! 

I'm happy that you are joining me here at OnlinePianoCoach.com, and I hope that you'll enjoy - and use- all the free lessons, resources, tips and ideas that I create for you! Oh, and don't forget to sign up for my free monthly newsletter here.


PS. If you want to ask me a question about learning the piano you can do so here. About music theory related questions, do so here.

You can also contact me here for other questions or suggestions regarding this website.

Hi Maria,

Greetings from New Zealand :) Thank you so much for having me. I just turned 49 years old and piano is something I love to learn more. I had some random learning and access to a piano when I was 17, apart from this, I never had a chance to play any musical instruments (except the recorder from primary school music lessons lol)..

However, I got a chance to learn to play the guitar, bass guitar and drums all at one go when I was 19 years old and onward... I am not great at all on these instruments but I love playing them the best I can.

Though, the past 20 years life got tough. Not much time to play but am still on them when I can. This year I decided to improve my limited piano skill, the only full song I can still remember and play 95% correct is God Father, my 'one hit wonder'.. lol

I am so joyful to come across your website, thank you and thank you so soooo much for your lessons, it is amazing and kind of you sharing your skill and knowledge. Love that piano, Love your work. I wish you well

Best regards, Tatiana Ip

I just want to thank you for your awesome newsletter (I subscribed as soon as I read one article) and it's helping me sooo much!! Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I will recommend this website to others~

Emily from Canada

Hi Maria,

I have just received my first E-zine and have spent the morning looking through it and following the various links. I'm an adult beginner and your tips and advice are going to prove very helpful in aiding me to organise myself correctly to learn this wonderful instrument.

Having people like you who are willing to share their knowledge is wonderful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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