Your Piano Playing Story!

Why do you play the piano? What got you started? Share your piano playing story here and tell us about your trials and tribulations! You can also read what others have shared. Real stories, about real people. Piano people!

So, What's Your Piano Playing Story?

What's Your Piano Playing Story? Share it here!What made you start playing the piano? Share it here!

Share your love for the Piano!

What is your story about you and your piano playing? Please do tell! Who knows, it may inspire or encourage someone else!

You could for example write about:

"I never dreamed of playing Bach, Beethoven and Chopin and now I can - this is my story."

  • Was it easy to learn piano for you?
  • Do you teach yourself, or do you take lessons?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • What were your biggest challenges?
  • What do you wish you would be able to play one day?

You may also add a few pictures if you like. If you'd like to add a YouTube video of your playing, just add the link to your submission, and I will embed it. Yes, you may brag too! :)

Scroll down or Click here to enjoy reading what other pianists have shared about their piano playing journey. I promise it is a great and moving read. You are welcome to leave a comment as well!

Thank you for sharing!

Your Piano Playing Story

What is your piano playing story? Share it!

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