When Will I Learn to Play the Piano is the Question..

by Nagaraja
(Bangalore, India.)

When will I learn piano is the question, haunting others who see me sitting at the piano. But I know that I will.

I live in India. The piano is not common here. I am 78 + years. The Piano bug has gotten me!

I am fascinated by the sounds it makes. I am trying to learn piano for the last four years. I have still to learn scales.

I am afflicted with ataxia, because of atrophy of the cerebellum and also other parts of the brain. Oh, that is a separate issue.

The sounds of piano Boogie Woogie attract me. I keep listening on Youtube and keep wondering at those finger movements. Presently I am making do with the 'Happy Birth Day' tune.

My special need is hands-on learning. I need to be guided patiently. I have an LK 280 61 key Casio synthesizer. I hope to do well with your online guidance.

Nagaraja Koodi

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Thank you for sharing your story!
by: Maria

Dear Nagaraja,
Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

It's always motivating to hear from pianists who, despite struggles, keep practicing to learn and improve their piano playing. There is so much to learn and enjoy in music! Playing Boogie Woogie is a great opportunity to work out your fingers, especially the left hand! :)

I wish you success and hope you'll find the articles here at OnlinePianoCoach.com useful to you!

Happy Practicing,
Maria Lewander

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