Why I Like to Learn Lessons on a Piano

by Delano Douglas
(Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica)



Hi, I'm Delano Douglas.

Here is my story about on how to learn lessons on a piano.

I've just got started to play the piano but, I've made up my mind when I didn't know where to start. Because, everyone have good news for me when I shown.

If got a few tips on Proper Posture while I shown on a piano, then I saw ten fingers in two hands so it has own number inside.

Next up, I saw digital piano focused-portable keyboard for a while. It's the Yamaha DGX-650, a special ensemble keyboard and it's very expensive.

It has Pure CF Piano sound engine, brand new fantastic grand piano sound like Kurzweil Forte and it has 88 Graded Hammer Standard weighted keys.

There are 52 titanium white keys and 36 darker black keys. There are also playing touch responsively as well as Dynamics.

I know that I practice but my fingers need accuracy and strengthen more than slimmer as thin. When my eyes looked at the piano if I taught about, I study the scales, arpeggios, chords, evens notes to read such as others like; voicing, intervals, riffs, or even improvisation as well.

My favourite instrument gets better than cheap keyboard that I had one at my room. Because, My fingers need to clean and tidy so I keep my timing that my musical mind has open.

Thank you so for my interested story.

Be Blessed and enjoy.

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Thanks for sharing
by: Maria

Hello, Delano Douglas!

Thank you for sharing your story, and good luck with your piano practice!

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