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What's New & Updated

Master The Bass Clef Notes and Printable Flash Cards

Learn to read bass clef notes with these simple exercises! Get your free printable flashcards (with letter and syllable names!) to practice more on your own.

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Read Piano Notes: Introduction to Basic Music Notation

Learn to read piano notes! Here is a crash course in basic music theory and note reading.

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Basic Chord Theory: Introduction to Chords

In this guide you'll learn basic chord theory; what triads and music chords are and how musical chords are built.

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Piano Chord Inversions

Piano Chord Inversions: When you play chord piano you need to move from chord to chord smoothly and with minimum effort. Learn about inverted chords here.

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Free Ave Maria Sheet Music for Piano

View and print free Ave Maria sheet music in two famous versions. One by Bach/Gounod and one by Franz Schubert.

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Roman Numerals Chords for Piano Chord Progressions

Learn what roman numerals chords are and how they are used in piano chord progressions to be able to play in any key!

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Free Printable Piano Chords Chart for Beginners

Here's a free printable piano chords chart (PDF) for beginners. In this easy piano lesson you'll also get some tips on how to get started playing chord piano.

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How Many Major Scales are There?

How many major scales are there really? What is the difference between major and minor scales? And how about the major scale formula? Learn about it here!

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Harmonic Minor Scales Piano Charts

Learn all the 12 harmonic minor scales with fingering! They're easy to see and play as picture scales.

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Read Piano Music Better - Theory vs Practice

Learn to read piano music in shapes and patterns. Here you'll learn how to become a better note reader by using musical and intuitive tools, not just music theory.

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