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New and Updated

Time To Practice Piano: How Much Time Should I Practice?

How much do you need to practice piano? Here are helpful recommendations for the minimum time needed of practice to make a steady progress from a young child to adult.

Continue reading "Time To Practice Piano: How Much Time Should I Practice?"

Piano Practice Techniques for Beginners

Save time with piano practice techniques that are effective and work. Here is a simple formula for learning the notes of a piece super-effectively.

Continue reading "Piano Practice Techniques for Beginners"

Identifying Musical Intervals with Numbers

Learning musical intervals is easy. Here you will learn a simple way to identify intervals and their number names. This will help you when reading music and when learning music theory.

Continue reading "Identifying Musical Intervals with Numbers"

Effective Piano Practice Routine with Interleaved Practice

Developing an effective piano practice routine doesn't only save time, but also helps you have more fun and enjoy you practice. Interleaved practice seems (and is) random, and random is not efficient...or is it?

Continue reading "Effective Piano Practice Routine with Interleaved Practice"

Practicing Piano Exercises for Beginners

Find out what piano exercises you need as a beginner to develop strength and flexibility as you play.

Continue reading "Practicing Piano Exercises for Beginners"

Piano Playing Tips: Melody vs. Accompaniment

Best piano playing tips on how to learn to balance the weight between the hands to be able to bring out the melody. Here's help and exercises!

Continue reading "Piano Playing Tips: Melody vs. Accompaniment"

Hanon The Virtuoso Pianist

Hanon The Virtuoso Pianist: Charles-Louis Hanon wrote a very famous set of finger exercises for pianists. Print free sheet music and learn how to practice the piano exercises for best results!

Continue reading "Hanon The Virtuoso Pianist"

Build Your Piano Playing Technique Step By Step

Here is a step by step plan with suitable material to help you build a great piano playing technique, especially for beginner pianists.

Continue reading "Build Your Piano Playing Technique Step By Step"

Piano Chord Inversions

Piano Chord Inversions: When you play chord piano you need to be able to move from chord to chord smoothly and with minimum effort. Learn about inverted chords here.

Continue reading "Piano Chord Inversions"

Major Piano Scale Chart: Learn all major scales with this handy tool.

This is a piano scale chart with fingering for all the 12 major scales, both for left and right hand. Learn how to find and play scales easily on the piano. No note reading needed!

Continue reading "Major Piano Scale Chart: Learn all major scales with this handy tool."