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Why Learning Music Theory? 10 Myths Explained

Learning music theory is difficult, boring and only for nerds. Really? Here are some popular myths and misconceptions about what music theory is.

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Hanon Piano Exercises - A Beginners Guide

Learn to play Hanon piano exercises as a beginner! It's easier than you think. Here is a guide how to get started even when you are a beginner.

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Erik Satie Gymnopedie Nr. 1

Erik Satie Gymnopedie Nr. 1 is a beautiful piece for piano. Here you can print the free sheet music and get strategic tips on how to learn it.

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Fur Elise Sheet Music

Fur Elise Sheet Music: Learn more about, print and play one of the most beloved classical piano pieces of all times.

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Free Ragtime Music by Scott Joplin

Free sheet music for piano! Ragtime music, or as it is often called; Rag-time, is a style of music that was very popular between 1897 and 1918.

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The Minor Piano Scale

What are the Natural, Harmonic and Melodic Minor Piano Scales, and how are they different from the major scale? Learn about it here!

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How to Memorize a Piano Repertoire as an Adult Beginner

Here is a step by step plan for how to memorize and keep a short repertoire of easy piano pieces to share with your friends any time!

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How is a trill marked tr with 132 over the top played?

The score I am using for Chopin's Nocturne Op.9 No.2, shows a trill in Bar 8 written as tr with 132 over the top. My problem is how to determine which

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How to Read Piano Notes Faster

There are easier ways to read piano notes! When learning a new piano piece it is important to learn the piano music notes as soon as possible.

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Teach Yourself Piano: 10 Tips to Stay Motivated

Teach yourself piano and stay motivated! Here are 10 important piano playing tips and advice to stay on track.

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