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Natural Minor Scales with Piano Charts

Learn all the natural minor scales for piano with easy scale charts. You get all the fingering for each hand as well!

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Question on Music Repeats

Hi, I would like to ask a question about piano notation of Repeat Marks. I have a song with a sequence that goes like this: 1. CHORUS 2. Stanza A 3.

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Music Sight Reading Tips

Music sight reading or "a prima vista" means to be able to read music as you play it "at first sight". But, knowing how to read piano notes does not necessarily mean that you can sight read well... Here are tips to improve your sight reading!

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Learn to Play Piano

Are you looking for ways on how you can learn to play piano? Here are lessons, tips and articles to help you get started.

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Piano Theory Lessons

Piano theory lessons: The piano keyboard is a great tool to learn about music theory, because the layout of the piano keys makes it easy to see the pattern of notes, scales, chords and intervals.

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Piano Practice Tips for Beginners

Piano practice tips and exercises to improve your practice habits for adult beginners.

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eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method Review

A straight review of eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method for Beginners. This will help you decide if this piano learning software is useful for you or not.

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Piano Practice Tips for Adult Beginners

Some people have an ability to practice and have great results without having learned about piano practice. But most people don’t. Here are tips on how to practice with better results!

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Billy Joel "Piano Man" Arrangement Confusing Navigation Markers

Hi, I have a Piano Man arrangement from 2001 Joel Songs, and the DS1, DS2, Coda1 and Coda2 have me confused. Are you familiar? Thanks, Barry Maria's

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Christmas Piano Sheet Music for Adult Beginners

Christmas is the time to celebrate and play music! Here is a selection of fantastic Christmas piano sheet music for adult beginners. Let the caroling begin!

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