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Common Piano Chord Progressions

Learn how to turn chords in piano chord progressions into well known accompaniment styles. Chord progressions are also great as foundations for improvisation.

Continue reading "Common Piano Chord Progressions"

What Do Key Signatures Mean?

Don't understand key signatures? Frustrated by not knowing what's the difference between accidentals and keys? Learn it here!!

Continue reading "What Do Key Signatures Mean?"

Pedaling in Piano Sonata op. 49 no 1

Hey, I have a question: and it is how should I use the pedal when I play the piano sonata op 49-1st movement? I don't know if I am supposed to lift the

Continue reading "Pedaling in Piano Sonata op. 49 no 1"


So I get that chords are made of triads, and those triads can have extensions and different voicing's, but how do you figure out which chord is which?

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Hanon for Beginners

Good day to you, I'm an older (60yrs young) person starting off with piano lessons. What is the best way to easily move up and down as you are practicing

Continue reading "Hanon for Beginners"

The 3 Minor Scale Patterns on the Piano

Learn to play the 3 minor scale patterns easily in this piano lesson tutorial for beginners. No note reading required!

Continue reading "The 3 Minor Scale Patterns on the Piano"

Piano - Left Hand Question

First, I would like to thank you for your really wonderful web site. I think that it's the most informative and welcoming site, that I have seen and read.

Continue reading "Piano - Left Hand Question"

Help with Connections of Triads

How do I connect triads and chords from the roots of the scales?

Continue reading "Help with Connections of Triads"

Tempo at the Very Beginning

I never played piano before and purchased a level 1 book recently from amazon to start learning. Is it right to assume I am doing the right thing by making

Continue reading "Tempo at the Very Beginning "

Flats and Sharps in Greensleeves

Hello, I have a quick question regarding flats and sharps. Due to the coronavirus, I am stuck at home and re-learning the piano :) Yesterday I was

Continue reading "Flats and Sharps in Greensleeves"

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