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What's New & Updated

Your Piano Playing Story

Why do you play the piano? Share your piano playing story here! Tell us about your trials and tribulations.(Feel free to brag!) You can also share pictures or videos of your piano playing.

Continue reading "Your Piano Playing Story"

Melodic Minor Scales Piano Charts

Here is a handy chart to show how to play all 12 melodic minor scales on the piano, complete with fingering for each hand. Great for visual learners!

Continue reading "Melodic Minor Scales Piano Charts"

Piano Scales for Beginners

Learn how to play piano scales in major and minor as well as in other interesting modes! Here is an extensive piano resource with free lessons and printable piano scale charts for beginners.

Continue reading "Piano Scales for Beginners"

Piano Practice Tips for Adults

Some people have an ability to practice and have great results without having learned about piano practice. But most people don’t. Here are tips on how to practice with better results!

Continue reading "Piano Practice Tips for Adults"

Piano Keyboards & Accessories

What are good piano keyboards for beginners? Here are tips and advice on what to look for in an instrument that suits your needs.

Continue reading "Piano Keyboards & Accessories"

Piano History: A Fascinating Story

Piano history is a fascinating story originating around 2300 years ago. The story of the piano is a journey to ancient times and back. Discover the history of pianos and their development.

Continue reading "Piano History: A Fascinating Story"

Learn How to Write Music – Free Beginner Music Composition Lessons

Would you like to learn how to write music? Discover the power of writing your own music with these free music composition lessons for beginners.

Continue reading "Learn How to Write Music – Free Beginner Music Composition Lessons"

Bullet Proof Music Sight Reading Techniques

You can improve your music sight reading with simple exercises. Done every day they can take you from “stumbling” through a score to fluently sight reading music as you play.

Continue reading "Bullet Proof Music Sight Reading Techniques"

How to Read Music Notes

Learning how to read music notes can seem harder than it is. It is a bit like learning a new language, but actually not quite as hard though. It is like an orange with many parts...

Continue reading "How to Read Music Notes"

Never Knew How Much I'd Enjoy It

My grandfather once said, Boy if you learn the piano, you could learn anything!. So I took a few lessons to learn the basics, later, forgetting it ALL!

Continue reading "Never Knew How Much I'd Enjoy It"


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