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Recent Articles

Oct 18, 2021

Free Printable Piano Chords Chart for Beginners

Here's a free printable piano chords chart (PDF) for beginners. In this easy piano lesson you'll also get some tips on how to get started using chord charts.

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Oct 17, 2021

The 3 Minor Piano Scale Patterns

What are the Natural, Harmonic and Melodic Minor Piano Scales, and how are they different from the major scale? Learn about it here!

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Oct 16, 2021

Learn How to Write Music – Free Beginning Composition Lessons

Would you like to learn how to write music? Discover the power of writing your own music with these free music composition lessons for beginners.

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Oct 15, 2021

How to Read Piano Music Easier

Learn to read piano music easier. Here you'll learn how to become a better note reader by using musical and intuitive tools, not just music theory!

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Oct 14, 2021

Piano Sheet Music for Beginners Top 5 Free Resources!

Here is a selection of 5 great resources with free piano sheet music for beginners! Free printable piano sheet music in classical, and popular styles.

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Oct 14, 2021

Music Pitch

Music pitch is how high or low a music note is. But how exactly does a high or low pitched note sound? Learn about pitch in music and how it's written here.

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Oct 07, 2021

How to Play the Piano

So you have decided to learn how to play the piano? But how do you actually play the piano? Do you need to learn to read music to play, or are there other ways?

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Oct 05, 2021

Diatonic Harmony

Chords built from major or minor scales are called Diatonic Harmony. It is useful since it's easy to use these chords to harmonize a melody in major or minor.

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Sep 24, 2021

How to Learn the Piano On Your Own

How to learn the piano on your own, is that even possible? Here is a look at the three most important aspects when teaching yourself to play the piano.

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Sep 15, 2021

Learn Rhythm with Rhythm Syllables: Easy, Fun and Quick

Chanting and clapping rhythm syllables is a great way to learn rhythms. Here you'll learn rhythm syllables and how to combine them for different rhythms.

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Sep 08, 2021

Piano Books for Adult Beginners

Reviews and recommendations of the best piano books for adult beginners. Both for teaching yourself, or for working with a piano teacher.

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Sep 07, 2021

Learn 12 Major Scales for Piano with PDF and Study Guide

Learn to play all 12 major scales for piano in one easy lesson. Study guide and tutorial, printable piano scales (PDF) with fingering and practice tips.

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Sep 03, 2021

Correct Piano Posture: How to Sit at the Piano

Sitting with correct piano posture when playing can mean the difference between painful or effortless playing.

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Sep 02, 2021

What is a Bar Line in Music?

Bar lines are not important in themselves (a bother at times), but help us when reading music to organize the notes into groups and show where the downbeat is.

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Sep 01, 2021

Easy Piano Chords for Beginners

Learn to play piano chords for beginners in this fun and easy piano lesson for adult beginners.

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Aug 31, 2021

Piano Chord Inversions in Major and Minor with Printable Charts

Piano chord inversions are chords with notes in a different order. Learn to play inverted chords, what fingering to use with free piano chord inversions charts.

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Aug 23, 2021

Learn Treble Clef Notes and Get Printable Flash Cards

Learn how to read treble clef notes quickly with clever note identification exercises! You can also print free flash cards to continue practicing by yourself!

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Aug 17, 2021

Key signatures and naturals

If a piece of music has a key signature of D major (#C and #F) - does that mean that all instances of C and F are played sharp wherever they appear on

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Jul 28, 2021

Musical Intervals Explained

Musical intervals are the distances between notes. They are the skips and leaps in a melody, create the pattern of a scale, and building blocks for chords.

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Jul 27, 2021

Note and Rest Values for Beginners

Music is an organized combination of sounds and silences. Learn more about music note and rest values in this music theory lesson for beginners.

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Jul 21, 2021

Easy Piano Scales with Lessons, Charts and PDF's

Learn how to play piano scales in major, minor and other interesting modes. Free piano lessons and printable scale charts for beginners. Let's get playing!

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Jul 19, 2021

Printable Piano Keyboard Diagram - Learn the Names of the Piano Keys

Free printable piano keyboard diagram and piano key chart for beginners. Learn the layout of the piano keyboard and the note names on the piano keys easily.

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Jul 04, 2021

How to Read Note Values and Rests for Beginners

Curious about note values and rests? Note values are how long a note or rest is. Learn how to count the beats in music notes and to understand rhythm in music.

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Jul 01, 2021

History of Pianos: Classical Era

History of pianos: During the Classical era the Fortepiano became very popular and eventually replaced the Harpsichord and the Clavichord.

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Jun 30, 2021

Top 15 Piano Lesson Books for Adult Beginners

Discover the most popular and purchased piano lesson books for adult beginners by our community.

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Jun 15, 2021

How to Memorize a Piano Repertoire as an Adult Beginner

Here is a step by step plan for how to memorize and keep a short repertoire of easy piano pieces to share with your friends any time!

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Jun 09, 2021

Hanon The Virtuoso Pianist

Learn how to Practice Hanon The Virtuoso Pianist: Print free sheet music and learn how to practice the piano exercises for best results!

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Jun 08, 2021

Correct Hand Posture for Piano Playing

Learn how to keep your hands in a relaxed hand posture. It's as important as how to sit with the correct posture when playing the piano.

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Jun 01, 2021

Fur Elise Piano Notes Pdf

Fur Elise Piano Notes: Learn more about, print and play one of the most beloved classical piano pieces of all times.

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May 28, 2021

Famous Piano Performers: Classical Pianists of the 20th Century

Famous piano performers: A list of some of the most legendary classical pianists of the 20th and 21st century.

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