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Effective Piano Practice Routine with Interleaved Practice

Learn an effective and fun piano practice routine called interleaved practice. You'll see results faster!

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What fingers do I use to play these notes?

Wow, this is kind of a weird and beginner question but what fingers do I use on my left hand if I am trying to play a D flat, E, and A that are in the

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Playing in the dark!

I have found that turning the lights off encourages you to feel your piano keys better. Without the temptation to look at your fingers when your playing,

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Tempo at the Very Beginning

I never played piano before and purchased a level 1 book recently from amazon to start learning. Is it right to assume I am doing the right thing by making

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Flats that doesn't fill any function

As I have understood it the flats have been placed on the f notes. Whenever I play an f I have to apply the sharp. But there are no f tones played in this

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Flats and Sharps in Greensleeves

Hello, I have a quick question regarding flats and sharps. Due to the coronavirus, I am stuck at home and re-learning the piano :) Yesterday I was

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How to find the right chords for the melody note.

I want to be able to play (piano) without music so I need to know which chords to play with the melody. (I read and play jazz standards, some classical).

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How to Use a Metronome for Piano Practice

Learn how to use a metronome and how to practice with great results! The metronome is a very useful tool for all musicians, not only pianists.

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The Best Adjustable Piano Benches

Adjustable piano benches are important for correct posture at the piano. Avoid tension and pain when practicing with the best benches for ultimate comfort!

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Free Ave Maria Sheet Music for Piano

View and print free Ave Maria sheet music in two famous versions for piano. One by Bach/Gounod and one by Franz Schubert.

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