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Play Piano and Read Music Better in 6 Steps

Learning how to play piano and read music at the same time can be a challenge. Here are 6 steps with tips and tools on how to become a better note reader.

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Improving Piano Technique With Awareness

Improving piano technique with awareness of how the body works and how to balance and focus your movements to avoid unnecessary tension.

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Musical Phrasing and Piano Playing

Musical phrasing expresses the soul of the music. Learn how to play with beautiful phrasing with a step by step exercise here!

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Free Ragtime Music by Scott Joplin

Free sheet music for piano! Ragtime music, or as it is often called; Rag-time, is a style of music that was very popular between 1897 and 1918.

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Reading Music Notes: A Mini Course for Piano Beginners

Reading music notes can be easy! In just two easy and totally free piano lessons, you will be reading music and play with both hands in no time!

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Teach Yourself to Play Piano: 10 Tips to Get Started

Can you really teach yourself to play piano? Sure, it is absolutely do-able! As with all skills there is of course a range from being an amateur to a master pianist...

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Play Piano By Ear - A Mini Guide For Beginner Pianists

Learn how to play piano by ear! Here is a mini guide for beginner pianists to learn how to play piano without sheet music.

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Adult Piano Lessons: Benefits and Advantages to Learn Piano

“Am I too old to begin adult piano lessons?” The answer is: “Of course not!" You can begin piano lessons as an adult, teenager or as a child- any age is fine.

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Correct Posture at the Piano

Sitting with correct posture when playing the piano can mean the difference between painful or effortless playing.

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Music Sight Reading Tips

Music sight reading or "a prima vista" means to be able to read music as you play it "at first sight". But, knowing how to read piano notes does not necessarily mean that you can sight read well... Here are tips to improve your sight reading!

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