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Help with Connections of Triads

How do I connect triads and chords from the roots of the scales?

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Tempo at the Very Beginning

I never played piano before and purchased a level 1 book recently from amazon to start learning. Is it right to assume I am doing the right thing by making

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Flats and Sharps in Greensleeves

Hello, I have a quick question regarding flats and sharps. Due to the coronavirus, I am stuck at home and re-learning the piano :) Yesterday I was

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Flats that doesn't fill any function

As I have understood it the flats have been placed on the f notes. Whenever I play an f I have to apply the sharp. But there are no f tones played in this

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Piano Practice Tips for Beginners

Get inspired with piano practice tips and exercises for adult beginners to help improving your practice habits.

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Groupings drive me crazy

What are the rules of 4/4 time groupings?

Continue reading "Groupings drive me crazy"

Learn all 12 Major Scales for Piano Easily

Learn all 12 major scales for piano in one easy lesson. Get free printable scales and a study guide for to learn them quickly.

Continue reading "Learn all 12 Major Scales for Piano Easily"

Reading Music Notes: A Mini Course for Piano Beginners

Reading music notes can be easy! In just two easy and totally free piano lessons, you will be reading music and play with both hands in no time!

Continue reading "Reading Music Notes: A Mini Course for Piano Beginners"

Piano Sheet Music for Beginners Free Resources

Here is a selection of great websites with free piano sheet music for beginners! Free printable piano sheet music in classical, and popular styles.

Continue reading "Piano Sheet Music for Beginners Free Resources"

Learn to Play Piano

Are you looking for ways on how you can learn to play piano? Here are lessons, tips, and articles to help you get started.

Continue reading "Learn to Play Piano"

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