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New and Updated

Music Scales for Pianists

Learn about music scales and why they are an important part of learning to play the piano. Since most music is created from scales, they are basic “tools” for understanding how music is constructed.

Continue reading "Music Scales for Pianists"

Non-Diatonic Piano Scale Patterns

Learn about interesting piano scale patterns that are not major or minor, and how to easily find them on the piano keyboard. No note reading required!

Continue reading "Non-Diatonic Piano Scale Patterns"

Melodic Minor Scales Piano Chart

Here is a handy chart to show how to play all 12 melodic minor scales on the piano, complete with fingering for each hand. Great for visual learners!

Continue reading "Melodic Minor Scales Piano Chart"

Natural Minor Scales Piano Charts

Learn all the natural minor scales for piano with easy scale charts. You get all the fingering for each hand as well!

Continue reading "Natural Minor Scales Piano Charts"

Adjustable Piano Benches

Adjustable piano benches are crucial for a correct posture and to avoid tension and pain when practicing the piano. Here is a helpful guide on what to choose for ultimate comfort!

Continue reading "Adjustable Piano Benches"

Easy 4 Part Harmony for Beginners

Learn the basics of how to write an easy 4 part harmony composition with your own melody and chords!

Continue reading "Easy 4 Part Harmony for Beginners"

Piano Scales for Beginners

Learn how to play piano scales in major and minor as well as in other interesting modes! Here is an extensive piano resource with free lessons and printable piano scale charts for beginners.

Continue reading "Piano Scales for Beginners"

Free Printable Staff Paper for Piano Players

Download free printable staff paper for piano players. Clean layout without copyright or logo! Get regular or larger staves and more to quickly jot down exercises, ideas, lesson notes, scales and more.

Continue reading "Free Printable Staff Paper for Piano Players"

Piano Sheet Music for Beginners Resources

Here is a selection of great websites with free piano sheet music for beginners! Free printable piano sheet music in classical, and popular styles.

Continue reading "Piano Sheet Music for Beginners Resources"

Master the C Major Scale for Piano

Learn to play the C major scale for piano easily with correct fingering and effective piano practice exercises.

Continue reading "Master the C Major Scale for Piano"