Learn to Read Music for Piano

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When you learn to read music, it will open a whole new world of possibilities for you! Imagine all the piano sheet music and books with all kinds of music you could devour…!

Is It Hard to Learn to Read Music?

Not really. Reading musical notation is actually very logical and relatively easy to understand.

Does it need a lot of work? Of course, it needs work! And being able to sight read as you play might take years of practice.

But learning to read music enough to be able to learn and play new pieces is not as hard as you might think. Just start with really easy pieces.

Read on and click on the links to take you to the free lessons on beginning to read notes, improving your note reading, and learning how to practice sight-reading.

Learn to Read MusicLearn to Read Music


How to Read Notes – The Basics

Learn how to read notes! Musical notes are the symbols we use to write down sounds. A note shows how high or low the sound (pitch) is and how long or short the note is. 

Learn To Read Music Notes

Learn the difference between melody and rhythm and about the elements of music in this lesson for beginners: Learn to read music notes.

Learn to Read Music as You Play

Start learning today to read music for the absolute beginner! With these two free piano lessons, you will quickly be able to play piano and read notes:

play piano and read music

Here are some tips on how to better play piano and read music simultaneously. Learn how not to look at your hands while reading music since this is the best way to learn to read and play fluently: How to Play Piano and Read Music at the Same Time!

Continue with an important lesson on how to read piano music easier by using musical and intuitive tools for note reading: How to Read Piano Music Easier.


Reading Piano Notes Faster and Easier

For the intermediate player: Here is a method to learn the notes of a piece quickly and easily.

By understanding musical patterns and how to do a piano score mapping, you will feel much more confident learning the piece. 

Learn to Read Piano Music Fluently

The skill of how to read music for piano fluently is critical to master as you are studying a piece. But there are tricks to how to read easier!

Did you, for example, know that notes could be read as patterns? And that each pattern often represents a specific hand or arm movement?

In this lesson, you'll learn how to make sure to prioritize what you learn in the best order as well. 

Sight Reading

Improve Your Sight Reading

Sight-reading music or playing "a prima vista" means to be able to read as you play "at first sight."

When you learn to read music, you are not necessarily learning how to sight-read. Playing "a΄prima vista" is a skill that needs additional practice.

Here are some tips and tools: how to improve your music sight reading!

Bullet Proof Your Music Sight Reading

Basic Music Reading Drills

Rhythm Syllables

Learn about and how to use Rhythm Syllables for a straightforward way to master rhythm note reading. You'll quickly be able to read even more complicated rhythms!

Master the Treble Clef Notes

Drill those treble clef notes with this lesson in note reading.

Master the Bass Clef Notes

If you're a pianist, you really need to get good at reading two clefs; the treble and the bass clef. Here is a lesson to help you become a good bass clef reader!

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