Flats that doesn't fill any function

by Micael

As I have understood it the flats have been placed on the f notes. Whenever I play an f I have to apply the sharp. But there are no f tones played in this piece so why is there a flat in the beginning?

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Sharps Flats and Key Signatures
by: Maria

Hello Micael,

Let me help you here. The sign at the beginning of the staff is a Sharp sign. The sharps (or flats) written at the start of the staff are also called the Key signature.

Your piece is in the key of G major. The G major scale has an F sharp. This piece is composed using the notes from the G major scale, and the tonality is G major.

Sure, sometimes a piece doesn't use all the notes from the scale it comes from. That's ok. It's still in G major!

If you like, check out these pages where I have written more about Key Signatures:
Understanding Key Signatures

The Key Signature

Good Luck!

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