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How can I publish sheet music?

by Rebecca Jansen
(Seattle, WA)


I just stumbled on this site and love it so far! I know this is NOT a question about playing...however, I love to compose and teach on the side and am realizing how amazing it would be to make money from something I already love to do and something I could still do when my husband and I start a family in a couple years. :)

Do you know the best way (or places?) to go about submitting intermediate piano compositions (the one I have notated is written to teach specific aspects)??

Thanks so much for your time,

Rebecca Jansen

Maria’s answer:

Hi there!

My first thought was immediately why not keep all profits and sell the compositions yourself? Your ideas are perfect for an online business!

Build a website, like this, and sell your own compositions as helpful tools to teach various aspects as you mentioned. Write some articles about music composing and teaching, have your own online store….

There are many ways to build a website, and I will happily recommend Site Build It! which I am using. I have built a few websites with Site Build It (SBI) now, and it is really a lot of fun and giving me a small but steadily increasing income.

When I started I had absolutely no idea about website building, SEO and all that stuff. SBI really helps you every baby-step of the way.

It takes time, work and effort to build a website, but if you are planning ahead for being able to stay home more- I can’t recommend this enough!

You can also see what I write about my online business here:

About me and my Website

Best of luck!

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