Free Printable Staff Paper


As a musician you often need printable staff paper quickly. In for example music theory and piano lessons it's important for both the teacher and the student to have staff paper ready to jot down exercises, note names, ideas, lesson notes, scales etc.

Chopin manuscript.Chopin's famous Polonaise op. 53 in Ab major from 1842.

Print Responsibly

Remember our trees! Save some trees and make sure you set your printer to print on both sides to save paper and be more eco-friendly as well.

Choose a lighter grey color to save more ink, as well. Recycle old paper... you know! If you plan on learning about music theory, it is always a good idea to have a bunch of blank staff paper ready to practice writing your music notes and exercises on. 

Add them to a pretty piano binder like one of these, and make your own music notebook/journal! And yeah, these free printable staff papers come without my logo or copyright. Just plain. Enjoy!

Select your free printable staff paper (PDF) below:

Here are the most common types of music manuscript paper (PDF's) for you to simply print and use for free. Perhaps you could even compose something? 

Click on the picture or the link to open a PDF in a new window.

Staff Paper with Wider Staff Lines
This staff paper has wider lines and spaces which makes it is easier for little hands to draw beautiful notes and clefs, for example.  There is also lots of space in between the lines for writing note names and such. Or you could make your own music worksheet.

Wide Staff Lines

Grand Staff for Piano
This is called a Grand staff and is especially useful for all pianists and wannabe piano composers! See, the brace is already done for you. Just add the clefs and notes. Remember to draw the bar-lines through both staves, top to bottom.

Grand Staff Paper

8-Stave Staff Paper PDF
This manuscript paper has 8 staves per page, in a regular size. This design gives you more space between the staves, which makes it perfect for when you want to be able to write lyrics or chords between the lines, for example.

printable staff paper

10-Stave Blank Staff Paper
10 regular sized staves per page. This type of staff paper is one of the more commonly used music manuscript papers, popular by all musicians. More narrow space, but you can write so much more music too!

10 stave manuscript paper

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