The Harmonic Minor Scales for Piano

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Here you can learn all the 12 harmonic minor scales for piano with the correct fingering. It’s very easy to see and to play as picture scales, so no note reading required!

The Harmonic Minor Scales Pattern

A harmonic minor scale has a specific pattern of whole (W), half (H) and 1 + 1/2 (W+) steps:

(starting note)-W-H-W-W-H- W+ -H

You can transpose this harmonic minor pattern to each of the 12 keys on the piano. Or use the piano charts below!

Learn to play harmonic piano scales.

Piano Scale Charts with Fingering

The best way to learn each scale is to repeat the same pattern again and again, in as many octaves as you like, up and down.

The picture charts below show all the 12 harmonic scales in minor, easy to see and play with the correct fingering. 

The finger numbers that are written within a parenthesis like this; (5), show an alternative fingering, and should be used when you begin, end or turn the scale.

For example; the left hand starts on a finger (5), but as you play the scale ascending several octaves you will use finger 1 on that same note instead. But when you finish the scale you will use finger (5) again. The parenthesis is also used when you can use an alternative fingering.

The scales that have two names look exactly the same on the keyboard, but when written with notes they look different! (So you could brag and say that you have learned 14 instead of 12!) These scales are called enharmonic ("same sounded").

Tip: Although scales are better learned by heart, I recommend that you get a piano scale book to keep as a complement and resource. Click here to see one of the most popular that I recommend.

Shortcuts to the scales

You can scroll down for all the harmonic minor scales, or use these quick links to go directly to the scale you want:

C Minor Harmonic

Piano Scale ChartRight Hand
C Minor HarmonicLeft Hand

back ^

C# Minor Harmonic

C# Minor HarmonicRight Hand
C# Minor HarmonicLeft Hand

back ^

D Minor Harmonic

D Minor HarmonicRight Hand
D Minor HarmonicLeft Hand

back ^

D#/Eb Minor Harmonic

D#/Eb Minor HarmonicRight Hand
D#/Eb Minor HarmonicLeft Hand

back ^

E Minor Harmonic

E Minor HarmonicRight Hand
E Minor HarmonicLeft Hand

back ^

F Minor Harmonic

F Minor HarmonicRight Hand
F Minor HarmonicLeft Hand

back ^

F# Minor Harmonic

F# Minor HarmonicRight Hand
F# Minor HarmonicLeft Hand

back ^

G Minor Harmonic

G Minor HarmonicRight Hand
G Minor HarmonicLeft Hand

back ^

G# Minor Harmonic

G# Minor HarmonicRight Hand
G# Minor HarmonicLeft Hand

back ^

A Minor Harmonic

A Minor Right HandRight Hand
A Minor Left HandLeft Hand

back ^

A#/Bb Minor Harmonic

A#/Bb Minor HarmonicRight Hand
A#/Bb Minor HarmonicLeft Hand

back ^

B Minor Harmonic

B Minor HarmonicRight Hand
B Minor HarmonicLeft Hand

back ^

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