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Electronic Piano Keyboard for Piano Lessons?

Can you really use an electronic piano keyboard to learn the piano?

Here is a look at some of the pros and cons.

The electronic keyboard, simply called “keyboard” comes in many sizes and prices. It is separate from it's stand, lightweight, portable and relatively inexpensive.

Can you use an electronic piano keyboard for piano lessons?

Electronic keyboards usually come without pedals, but you can buy a separate pedal that you just connect with a cable.

A Keyboard often has much fewer keys than a regular digital or acoustic piano- around 60-80 keys, and the keys are sometimes smaller than a regular piano. But there are more and more keyboards with a full 88 keyboard.

It is important to consider that some electronic piano keyboards have no “touch control”, that is, you can not play loud and soft by pressing the keys heavier or lighter. Make sure you get a keyboard with touch control to be able to play music with dynamic changes!

Some keyboards have inbuilt speakers and some are meant to be connected with other speakers, like a “stage piano”, which is meant to be used... on a stage! For home use it is normally better to get an keyboard with inbuilt speakers.

Types of Electronic Piano Keyboards

  • Portable Keyboards
    This is a general term for electronic keyboards. Some of these are usable for home use. Look for a model with touch control (so you can play loud and soft), 88 keys, weighted keys (not so light and “fluffy” but more like an acoustic piano), pedal, note stand, inbuilt speakers and if possible “sampled” sound which has been recorded -sampled- from an acoustic piano.
  • Stage Piano
    A stage piano is, like the name says, meant to be used on stage. Normally it has no speakers, since they are meant to be connected with amplifiers and speakers on stage. But there are some with inbuilt speakers available.
  • Workstation
    This is a keyboard meant to be used for composing and recording with a computer for professionals.
  • Synthesizer
    A synthesizer is an instrument where you create sounds. It is used by professional composers or in bands for example, to create specific sound styles.
  • Portable Grand Piano
    Sound and touch almost like an acoustic grand, but in a portable format. It sometimes has inbuilt speakers. Great if you need to move it a lot.
  • Digital piano
    Digital pianos are a good alternative to an acoustic upright or grand. The border between a portable digital piano and an electronic piano keyboard is getting more and more blurred, as the quality improves all the time.

Some Good Brands and Models to Consider

Here is a list of recommended quality brands of portable piano keyboards to consider for beginning piano lessons.

Generally, a digital piano is your best bet, but there are some good quality portable electronic keyboards with inbuilt speakers as well.

The links take you to Amazon where you can find lots of quality piano keyboards at great prices.


Yamaha portable keyboards: Yamaha's Digital Keyboards feature hundreds of voices and sounds, advanced synthesis technology, even interactive tutorials.

Portable grand piano: Sound and touch is almost like a grand, but in a portable format:


Has good quality portable digital stage pianos.  Also has a great collection of digital pianos.


Roland has a wide range of high quality digital pianos to choose from. For example:


Casio generally is a budget alternative, but the digital pianos are of decent quality, and fine for a beginner pianist.


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