The Best Adjustable Piano Benches

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What is the best type of bench for pianists? There are adjustable piano benches, standard wood top benches, stools and chairs. But before buying a bench there are a few things to consider.

In this article we will take a look at how the different benches suit each type of piano, pianist or venue.

How to Buy a Piano Bench

Couple playing the piano sharing a piano bench.

Buying a bench is not rocket science, but you will want quality so it lasts and doesn’t break, as well as comfort, so you can practice longer and sit with the correct posture.

It is also a good idea to pick one that suits your particular style of playing and practicing.

Having a comfortable bench at the right height, is crucial for a correct posture and to avoid tension and pain when practicing.

Adjustable piano benches are generally the best, but there are still many options available.

Adjustable piano benches

So which bench is the best? Well, ultimately the one that suits you. It is a very individual choice. Let’s see what we have:

There are six main types of piano and keyboard benches:

  1. The adjustable padded piano bench
  2. The adjustable duet piano bench
  3. The adjustable padded piano stool
  4. The non-adjustable piano bench with storage
  5. The piano practice chair
  6. The foldable keyboard bench
Adjustable piano benchesJohannes Brahms Sitting Comfortably (?)

Adjustable Padded Piano Benches

Artist Piano Bench

An Adjustable Artist Piano Bench is usually the best choice for most pianists, since you can adjust it for the perfect height which is necessary not only for a growing child, but for everyone.

As it is padded, you will not need a bench cushion, but can sit comfortably which will help to sit with a correct posture as well. Consider splurging on one with leather padding or better quality vinyl, since some vinyl may split after a few years of use.

The padded adjustable bench is very comfortable for long hours of practice. This is my top choice for a piano bench. It even has storage under the seat!

Artist Concert Piano Bench

There are also the so called "Concert Benches" in this category, that are the most comfortable of them all!

These luxurious Adjustable Artist Concert Piano Benches are meant for serious pianists and for concert venues. 

They sometimes have a skirt around the chair to hide the mechanism that raises the bench, so they'll look more stylish on a stage.

Adjustable duet piano bench

The Adjustable Duet Piano Bench is great if you are planning for some company as you play! For duets, piano lessons or someone admiring your playing...:)

For optimal adjustment luxury where each player can have the correct height, consider a bench with dual adjustment.

Adjustable Padded Piano Stool

The antique style Adjustable Piano Stool, where the top turns around to change the height, has been around for a long time.

It has a more "vintage" appeal compared to a regular adjustable bench.

However, it may not be the most comfortable for practicing, and could be wiggly. But if compared to a bench that is not adjustable, I do find it is a better choice for a growing child.

Non-adjustable Piano Bench with Storage

The standard wood Keyboard Bench with a practical space for storing sheet music, is best for an adult who does not need to change the height anymore. They are often used for digital pianos.

They are sturdy and last long, but the height can not be changed which is necessary for finding the perfect playing position.

Adjustable Piano Practice Chair

A bit more unusual is the Adjustable Piano Practice Chair. It's used by pianists who want to have a comfortable piano chair with a back rest but still adjustable in height.

Foldable Keyboard Bench

A Foldable Piano Keyboard Bench is perfect for an electronic or digital piano keyboard. Its light weight, easy to move and budget friendly.

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