What is the name of the technique?

I was listening to Osborne's the man from Madrid and I was wondering about the first 10 seconds there's a piano run-like technique, I was wondering what is that piano technique called so I can look it up and maybe learn it. Here's a link...


I've been looking up tutorials or explanations of this for days.. would much appreciate the help!

Thank you

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Run with 4 note groups in 2 octaves
by: Maria

What a fun intro! I don't know if there is a special term for this, but you play four notes at a time in groups, using fingers 4321, playing down a scale.

The easiest is to use the C major scale in two octaves, like this:

With your right hand, start on finger 4 on the highest F on the piano and play FEDC, EDCB, DCBA, CBAG, BAGF, AGFE, and GFED. Repeat down one more time until EDCB, and finish on C.

Start slow, then speed it up gradually and you'll see how easy it actually is, but sound like a real virtuoso!

Have fun!

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