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The Piano Player Newsletter Issue #67, Improving Piano Technique Tips
April 11, 2022

Tips & Tools for Piano Players

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"The Piano Player" Issue #67, April 2022

In This Issue:

Improving Piano Technique with Exercises for Beginners

As pianists, there are many aspects of piano playing apart from learning the notes; Finger-work, balance, extensions, "foot-work" with the pedal, expression, dynamic control, etc. The list goes on.

Piano technique is something we always have to work on. It may be practicing scales and arpeggios, finger exercises like Hanon, and working on your pedaling. It's good to set aside a little time each day you practice for technique work.

It's also a good idea to pick out difficult sections in the piano pieces you study and create your own technical exercises where you need to play more fluently. Practice hands apart and play with different rhythms, speeds, and dynamics, for example.

Today, I will share some tips on using the piano pedals, practicing Hanon finger exercises (with study guide & PDF), and the types of exercises you need as a piano beginner.

You'll also get to download a copy of Czerny's famous op.599 with exercises for beginners that are great for developing coordination and hand independence.

Go warm up those fingers!

Happy playing,


Piano Exercises for Beginners

One more plus (of many) of studying technical exercises, is that they will help you become aware of the different movement patterns used when playing the piano.

In this lesson you'll learn about the main types of piano exercises you need as a beginner to develop strength and flexibility as you play. You will also get tips about daily practice routines to improve your piano technique.

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Hanon Piano Exercises for Beginners: With Practice Guide

Learn how to play Hanon piano exercises as a beginner.

The Hanon exercises are usually taught at more advanced levels, but are also great for adult beginners who want more finger dexterity.

It's easier than you think. In this lesson, you will learn how to practice the first part of the Hanon book, even if you are just getting started.


How to Use the Piano Pedals

The piano pedals demystified.

Learn about the pedals of the piano and how to play the piano using easy pedaling techniques. The pedals of the piano are tools for changing the sound, or color of the piano tone.

Piano pedals can create wonders when used properly, but could also "destroy" a piece if used without knowledge or care.


Got Piano Questions?

Ask your piano related questions here: Piano Playing Q & A

Piano Question of the Month

Pedaling in Piano Sonata op. 49 no 1

Hey, I have a question: and it is how should I use the pedal when I play the "piano sonata op 49-1st movement"? I don't know if I am supposed to lift the pedal after each measure.

Looking forward to your answer Diana

Hello Diana,

Beethovens Sonata op 49 no 1 is a lovely composition. But the pedaling in this piece is a challenge even to advanced players.

The pedal should always, of course, be used with good taste, and to enhance the music. But it needs also to fit the piece stylistically. This is an early Beethoven composition, and the pedal should be used sparingly.


Piano Sheet Music

Sheet Music: Czerny op.599 Piano Exercises for Beginners

Here is a book with technique exercises by the master of technical exercises himself, Carl Czerny, Beethoven's pupil.

This set, op.599 was meant as a method for beginners to learn the notes. But it's often used to develop a good finger technique for beginners. Playing a few exercises each day, will also help you with coordination by playing differently in each hand. So I find it useful for beginners to practice.

It's all in the public domain, by the way- so enjoy :)

Czerny Opus 599

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Happy Practicing,

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