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The Piano Player Newsletter Issue #77, Improve Piano Technique Tips
April 11, 2023

Tips & Tools for Piano Players

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"The Piano Player" Issue #77, April 2023

Improve Piano Technique Tips

Hi there!

Are you ready to improve your skills? In this month's newsletter we'll focus on piano technique, how to improve it and how to practice efficiently without pain.

You'll get tips, suggestions and tools that work for both beginners as well as more advanced players. We'll be exploring why it's crucial to work on both technique and expression in your practice routine, and how they always have to go hand in hand.

But wait, there's more! You'll also get a handy PDF guide on how to practice Hanon. As well as the first 20 finger exercises to get started on right away. Hanon's exercises are perfect for loosening up those stiff fingers and joints, and can be used by anyone at any level.

So, let's dive into this together and get those fingers moving like never before! I hope this gives you tons of ideas and inspiration.

Happy practicing!

// Maria

Improving Piano Technique With Body Awareness

Improving piano technique is something we can all work on, no matter our skill level. It's all about being aware of how our body moves and finding the right balance to avoid unnecessary tension while we play.

By focusing on proper hand positioning, posture, and finger placement, we can start building a strong foundation for our playing technique.

Learn about some fundamental strategies that also work for beginners here, as well as tools to help strengthening and relaxing your fingers and hands.


How To Play Piano Beautifully

Playing piano is a beautiful and rewarding experience. Still, learning how to play piano takes constant work and practice to master both technique and expression.

It's important to remember that being technically skilled does not automatically make your playing beautiful, and playing with great emotion does not necessarily mean you're playing well technically.

To truly excel at playing piano, you must develop both your technical skills and ability to convey emotion.


Learn How To Play Piano Pain Free

Learn how to play piano without pain!

Are you tired of experiencing back pain while playing the piano? You're not alone. As a fellow pianist, I suffered from terrible neck pain until I learned the importance of proper technique and posture.

However, by understanding how to sit correctly and increase my awareness of how to balance my body, I've learned that playing the piano can and should be pain-free.

Don't let pain stop you from enjoying your passion for piano playing. Learn how to improve your posture and play without discomfort, and enjoy your piano playing!


Got Piano Questions?

Ask piano related questions here: Piano Playing Q & A

Piano Question of the Month

Stiff Fingers Vs Fullness Of Sound

Piano Playing Technique: Stiff Fingers Vs Fullness Of Sound.

How to make my hands "jump" gracefully while playing (instead of stiffness)?

My piano teacher is always telling me that it looks like I have arthritis when I'm playing my piano songs and that my tone isn't as full and rich because my hands don't move gracefully from one key to another.

Her advice is to exaggerate the finger motions so that I get used to moving my fingers a lot, but it doesn't help that much...

How can I get rid of my stiff fingers while playing?


Hanon Finger Exercises & Practice Guide

The ultimate tool for nimble fingers; Hanon Exercises. Here are the first 20 exercises, plus my guide on how to learn and practice them easily. With just 5 minutes a day you will soon enjoy your much more flexible fingers!

1. A Beginners Guide to Hanon Exercises

2. Hanon Part 1

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Happy Practicing,

Your Online Piano Coach,


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