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The Piano Player Newsletter Issue #78, Practice Music Sight Reading
May 21, 2023

Tips & Tools for Piano Players

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"The Piano Player" Issue #78, May 2023

Practice Music Sight Reading

Hello there!

Are you ready to unlock the magic of reading sheet music with ease? It's a skill we can all practice and improve upon. Knowing how to read sheet music is not necessary to play the piano, of course, but imagine the joy of effortlessly picking up any piece or style you love and playing it from a music score!

There's a whole world of music waiting to be discovered, so don't let a lack of sheet music reading skills hold you back. The good news is that note reading and sight reading are skills that anyone can learn, and I'm here to share some nifty tricks to help you on your musical journey.

In this newsletter we'll dive into tips on how to become a better sight reader and improve your overall music reading abilities. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, there's something for everyone.

Musically yours, Maria

Music Sight Reading Tips for Beginners

Did you know that music sight reading (being able to read music at first sight, also called "a prima vista") is a skill that requires specific techniques and extra practice? While knowing how to read piano notes is essential, more is needed to be a great sight reader.

In this article, you'll find helpful tips and strategies to improve your music sight reading abilities and become a more confident musician. With dedication and hard work, you can hone your skills and become a skilled sight reader!


6 Steps to Play Piano and Read Music

Learning how to play piano and read music at the same time can be frustrating both for beginners and more advanced players.

Here are 6 simple steps anyone can do and practice that take very little time to learn. Become a better note reader today!


Learn to Sight Read Music Better

Learn to sight read music better and bullet proof your music sight reading skills!

If you are a piano player struggling to learn to sight read music, and in need of some help to be able to quicker read music as you play, this lesson is for you.

The good news is that you can improve your sight reading with simple exercises.

Done every day they can take you from “stumbling” through a score to fluently sight reading music as you play.


Got Piano Questions?

Ask piano related questions here: Piano Playing Q & A

Piano Question of the Month

How Do Key Signatures Work In A Piece?

For Key Signatures, say it says sharp in the f column next to the treble staff but it doesn't have any f notes in that column so do you just not play any sharps or what?

Maria's Answer:


Yep that's right! A piece should always have a key signature (the sharps or flats grouped in the beginning of the staff). But it could happen that a piece like yours, written in G major (or the relative minor E minor), actually have no F's (the note that should be "sharp" if present).

Keep reading >>

Piano Songs For Every Occasion

Here is a great little repertoire with simplified and easy piano songs for every beginner pianist!

If you can memorize the piano pieces as well, they are always available to play. Imagine always have something beautiful and perfect to play at gatherings, holidays, celebrations, and weddings, etc.

The piano pieces presented here are beautifully arranged and simplified to be easy to learn. This easy piano music has been carefully selected to be well arranged, and on a beginner to an early intermediate level.

Top 10 Easy Piano Songs for Beginners

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I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this newsletter and tell me what you think or what you'd like to read more about.

Happy Practicing,

Your Online Piano Coach,


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