What chord is this?

What would you name the chord with G D A# E in the key of D major? Guitar cartoon pictured above.

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by: Maria


I would call it an Em7 +11 chord.

How to figure out chords:

Re-arrange all the notes next to each other a third apart.

If not possible, some notes may be "missing", like here the 5th in the Em chord; B, and so is the 9th; an F#.

Since it's a 5th, it's often omitted. And the 9th is not really needed either when you have both a 7th and an 11th together with the root (E) and the third (G).

The added A#, (not belonging in D major) is a clue too since it doesn't "belong" in the chord. The sharp then is written +, since the 11th in the chord would "normally" be an A.

I hope this helped!

Happy practicing,

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