Starting Piano Lessons?

Starting Piano Lessons

Starting Piano Lessons


I'm seriously considering starting piano lessons.
I'm 63 years old and pretty much sold, so far, on the Kawai CE 220.

I'll be primarily self taught. (I hate to drive after having driven all over the U.S.A. several times. Now I find I'm just happy to stay at home unless I have to go out for groceries etc.)

So do you think the Kawai is a decent choice... due to weight and size restrictions..the piano; not me; all though my equatorial dimensions are increasing at a less than desirable rate.

Any opinions you might share concerning my choice of pianos and music lesson books would be be greatly

Maria's Answer:

Hello! Sounds great that you will take up learning the piano!

It seems the digital piano you've chosen is a good piano for it's price, and it has gotten great reviews. Since you have done your research, I'd say go for it! The weight shouldn't be an issue unless you have plans of moving it around a lot.

Since you don't want to travel for lessons, perhaps you could see if there are any piano teachers offering occasional online Skype lessons? It could be a good complement to your own work.

As for piano lesson books I'd recommend:

Best of luck!

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