Question on Music Repeats


I would like to ask a question about piano notation of Repeat Marks. I have a song with a sequence that goes like this:

2. Stanza A
3. Repeat CHORUS
4. Stanza B
5. Repeat CHORUS

I put an End Repeat sign after Stanza A so that it repeats the Chorus, but what symbol should I use to jump from Sequence 3 (1st repeat of Chorus) to Stanza B?

I marked the Chorus with the Segno sign. After Stanza B, I put a D.S. al Coda. Then the Coda mark so that it goes to the CODA to end.

It's jumping form the 1st Repeat Chorus to Stanza B that I can't figure out.

Thanks for your help.


Hi there!
Great mind puzzle! From what I understand you'd like your composition to be in this form: A B A C A D. And you’d like not having to write the A part (chorus) more than once.
There are different ways of doing this. I think the best way is to use 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th endings like in the example here:

But you can also build something like what you did (no Segno sign though); by using 1st and 2nd endings, as well as Da Capo al Coda for the final “jump” back from the Chorus and then to the Coda:

I hope this helped you. Let me know how it went!

All the best,

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