Time to Practice Piano

How much time do you really need to practice piano?

The time needed to practice and making good progress varies greatly with each individual.

But it is a fact that a certain number of practice hours are required to reach any skill level, and to reach a good level of piano playing- you need to put in the time!

How much time should I practice piano?Time to Practice Piano!

Simply put, less time means slower progress, and too little practice means no progress at all!

Read on for straight recommendations about the minimum time needed for piano practice to make a steady progress from a young child to adult. 

Quality Practice

Time spent practicing should be quality practice. This means:

  • Having a clear goal about what to learn each time.
  • Dividing the practice time in 20-30 min sessions with a 5 min break in between (necessary for the brain as well as for the muscles to learn better). 
  • The practice material must also be divided in “portions” that are easy-ish to master.
  • Hands must be practiced separately before playing together. 
  • Slow practice should always come before fast practice. 
  • Never allow mistakes to “fester”. As they happen, slow down, analyze the problem and work in tiny parts from scratch. Then polish until there is no mistake anymore.
  • Studying away from the piano is also practice. Read the notes and listen to a performance of the music. Study the score and “conduct” as you were conducting an orchestra. Study a phrase, then close your eyes and imagine playing it. Really get a “feel” for the music.
  • Constantly search for something to improve for each repetition. Make it more and more beautiful.

Time To Practice Piano Per Age And Skill Level

How much time to practice also depends on age and skill level.

Here are my recommendations regarding the approximate age of the child and skill level:

Level: Young Beginner A (5-6 yrs)
Start with a few minutes and gradually up to 15 min. /day

Level: Young Beginner B (6-7 yrs)
20 min. / day. Preferably divided in two 10 min. sessions.

Level: Preparatory A
(Approx. 7 yrs old) 30 min. / day. Preferably divided in two 15 min. sessions.

Level: Preparatory B
(Approx. 8 yrs old) 40 min. / day. Preferably divided in two 20 min. sessions.

Level 1: Early Elementary
(Approx. 9 yrs old) 45 min. / day. Preferably divided in three 15 min. sessions.

Level 2: Elementary
(Approx. 10 yrs old) 45 min. / day. Preferably divided in three 15 min. sessions.

Level 3: Late Elementary
(Approx. 11 yrs old) 1 hr. / day. Preferably divided in three 20 min. sessions.

Level 4: Early Intermediate
(Approx. 12 yrs old) 1 hr. / day. Preferably divided in three 20 min. sessions.

Level 5: Intermediate
(Approx. 13 yrs old) 1 1/2 hr. / day. Divided like this: 10 min. warm up, 20 min practice, 5 min. break, 25 min. practice, 5 min. break, 25 min. practice. Or divide during the day.

Level 6: Late Intermediate
(Approx. 14 yrs old) 1 1/2 hr. / day. Divided as above.

Level 7: Early Advanced
(Approx. 15 yrs old) 2 hrs. /day. Divided in two sessions at different times like this:
Session 1: 10 min. warm up, 20 min practice, 5 min. break, 25 min. practice.
Session 2: 25 min practice, 5 min. break, 25 min. practice, 5 min. break.

Level 8: Advanced
(Approx. 16+ yrs old) 2 hrs. / day. Divided as above.

  • For recreational playing 1-2 hrs per day is fine to continue making progress.
  • For continuing music study or a professional career as a musician, this time have to increase, at least in periods, up to at least 4-5 hrs. / day.
  • Adult beginners could start to practice piano 20-30 min. and gradually increase to 1+ hour, divided as for the intermediate levels above.


  • Piano practice time needs to be built up gradually over time.
  • To avoid pain and strain, never go from little practice to several hours at once!
  • If you have practiced too little and want to increase time, increase gradually with 5-10 min. more each day.

Recommended Resources

For more inspiration and many tips on how to practice better, check out: 

Also I have gotten a lot of help from:


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