Playing Consecutive Sets of 2 Piano Keys

by Sandy

Hi. I'm learning a song that requires me to play 3 sets of 2 keys for the melody. Would it be better for me to play these with just 2 fingers and jump to the different keys or try to keep my hand in place and play them with different fingers. the keys are in the same octave if that helps. Your help will be really appreciated. Thank you.

Maria's Answer:

Hi there!

Hmm. The best would be if you could tell me what piece, and what place. Or better yet- upload a scanned part of the sheet music!

There are millions of ways to play different technical parts of a piece, and I can only guess what the problem you have is...

So, within an octave to play 3 intervals of a second?

It depends on the speed of course, if it is fast or repeated. It is usually better to open up your hand and play with different fingers.

Your thumb can play 2 notes conveniently, your 2nd and 3rd finger the next 2, and fingers 4 and 5 the last 2 notes.

Depending on the size of your hand you may have to jump in between the intervals. To make the movement smoother remember to follow with your arm and wrist in a lateral half circular movement and to avoid any up or down "jerky" movements.

I hope this helped!

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