Piano Software

What kind of piano software and music theory software do you need when you learn to play? 

Do You Need Piano Software to Learn Piano?

Piano Software

Actually, you don't need any software to learn how to play at all!

So why still recommend it?

You can't learn to play well from using software alone- but as a complement and resource; it may keep you practicing in times when your self-discipline might be waning...

And if it is fun and challenges you in different ways- why not? Just keep it real- use music software as a tool, but don’t rely on it for all your needs when learning to play.

Let's take a look at what software, music theory games and other music learning software can help you have more fun while learning to play.

 This is a selection of what I use in my own piano studio:

Piano Lesson Software

eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method

A good piano lesson software is one that has an all-in-one approach consisting of lessons, theory etc.

It is great if it also interacts and tells you what you did wrong- at least with regards to note reading- and even score you after each try! (For this you need to have an electronic keyboard or a digital piano connected via MIDI to a computer.)

Including all this and more, is a very affordable piano lesson software with a sound pedagogical approach, that I can recommend.

Read my review here: E Media's Beginner Piano and Keyboard Method 

Learn and Master Piano

Another option is a DVD lesson course package. I like Learn and Master Piano , for the high quality and varied lessons.

It is an interactive piano course package with DVD's, CD's and written instruction package. This ambitious program is demanding but provides you with many, many lessons.

Piano For Dummies

Another inexpensive piano software for beginners is "Piano for Dummies" which has gotten good reviews:

eMedia Piano For Dummies v2 (Amazon)

Music Recording Software

Sound Forge

If you like sharing the music you make, either what you've learned to play or your own compositions and improvisations; a great idea is to record it to a CD. Give as a gift or keep for your own records!

I use a very simple program; Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio, to record from my digital piano to my computer, and then easily burn to CD’s.

It is simple and super easy to learn, and I am really happy with it!

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