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Piano sheet music with an Arpeggio in measure 36

Piano sheet music with an Arpeggio in measure 36

I am relatively new to piano and am trying to learn a song. I have posted a pdf of the sheet music below.

In bar 36, there is a section that has too large of an interval for me to play regularly.

Can you take a look and see if there are any tips for me (If I play the E with my right hand, I can just barely play it although it is quite uncomfortable)


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by: Maria

Hi Abdullah! Sounds like a nice piece!

In the left hand in measure 36 on the last beat, there is an Arpeggio.

You can see that it has a curvy line in front of it. This means that you play the notes one by one in a quick movement, normally from the lowest note to the highest.

Here you can use fingers 5-3-1 in your left hand on B-F#-E and play quickly up one note at a time.

Finish the arpeggio of your left hand with the 6th (A and F#) with your right hand.

The rhythm will sound a bit like; Ra-Ta-Ta-Tam, and then you continue forward in the score.

This technique is good to remember in other pieces as well. Sometimes the arpeggio is not marked as here with a curvy line- but a chord may be impossible to play. Then you can break it up like this for example!

Best of luck with your piece!


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