Hanon for Beginners

by Jonathan
(Newburg, MO)

Good day to you, I'm an older (60yrs young) person starting off with piano lessons. What is the best way to easily move up and down as you are practicing Hanon? My fingers and I are not on the same sheet of music.

Thank you and be safe.

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Hanon for Beginners
by: Maria

Hello Jonathan!

Your quotable comment made my day: "My fingers and I are not on the same sheet of music". Brilliant! :)

Hanon's exercises are great, but if you're a beginner, start by learning 5-finger patterns (Penta scales) in major and minor first. This will help you coordinate your fingers. Hanon's 5-finger exercises are an extension of these basic patterns.

Some basic tips when practicing Hanon are:
Remember to practice hands separately at first and to play slowly. Feel the weight transfer from fingertip to fingertip, and help your hand and fingers by following along with your wrists and arms in a soft circular motion. Also, keep shoulders relaxed to feel a connection through your arms to your fingertips.

I have written a couple of pages about the Hanon exercises and how to practice them. Check them out here:

I hope this was helpful to you.
Keep healthy, calm and carry on practicing the piano! :)

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