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Here are free piano lessons online for beginners! These lessons give you a fast and easy introduction to learning how to play the piano, for free!

Free Piano Lessons Online: 5 Finger Positions and Chords

Free Piano Lessons Online

In today's video piano lesson you will learn:

  • More about the different 5 finger positions and how to play basic piano chords or triads.
  • How to keep strengthening your fingers with easy finger exercises.
  • You'll also learn about music intervals and how to play them.

Let's Warm Up!

  • Before you start playing the piano, it's always good to gently stretch and flex your fingers. Some mild bending and stretching of your back, shoulders and neck is also a good habit.
  • Check your sitting position and posture: Make sure you sit at the correct height, so that your elbow is at about a 90 degree angle when your cupped hands are on the keys, and about 20-30 cm distance between your torso and the piano keyboard.
  • Remind yourself of the finger numbers: The thumbs are number 1, etc. This will make it easier to "read" piano fingering later. Remind yourself about the "geography" of the piano keys; the keyboard pattern of black and white keys, as well as the note names. Sit in front of middle-D on the piano- not too close to the keyboard.
  • Check that you have a “relaxed, cupped hand position” and that you play on the tips of your fingers. Warm up by playing the pieces you have learned so far and the finger exercise you have learned in D minor and C major with steps, skips and chords.
  • Now watch the video and try these easy piano exercises in G major and A minor:

We have seen that a melody can move in only three ways:

  • In Steps
  • With Repeats
  • And in Skips or Leaps

Let’s look closer at skips and/or leaps. This is also called music intervals, that means how far it is from one note or key to another.

In this video you will learn about the basic intervals, and how you can use them in a fun way when playing the piano as accompaniment.

I hope you enjoyed this free lesson! 

Happy playing!