Electronic Piano Keyboard Lessons

by Andy Arnot
(West Des Moines, IOWA)

I am interested in lessons, etc, for an electronic keyboard (Casio LK230).

I am a true beginner---74-years-old and NO experience whatsoever. But always have had an interest in learning.

Although I have the feeling you really cannot teach an old dog a new trick!!)..
but I am willing to try...!

Do you, or can you direct me to a web site that deals with electronic keyboards similar to the piano one.

Thanks for your help...
Andy Arnot

Maria's Answer:

Sounds great with your new interest! Actually, "old dogs" surely can learn some new tricks! You just need patience and perseverance, as with anything else.

On my site, you will find several beginners piano lessons that should prove helpful to you.

In the very beginning it really doesn't matter if you play an acoustic, digital or electronic piano keyboard. As you are learning the basics, any keyboard will do.

If you prefer to teach yourself, have a look at
Teach Yourself to Play Electronic Keyboard(Amazon), which has received great reviews.

I can also recommend YouTube, where you'll find lots of free keyboard lessons.

Good luck and happy practicing!

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