Beginning Piano Lessons for Adults


Enjoy free beginning piano lessons online! Join the fun and learn to play piano with free, easy online piano lessons. In the beginner video lesson below you'll learn how to make really simple accompaniments and how to improvise easily using fifths!

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Learn to Improvise Easily

Traditional, "folk" songs and melodies are great to work with as you begin to learn playing the piano.

They are quite often composed in interesting modes- or tonalities, and frees you, when learning to improvise, from any "should" or "have to" in regards to playing in a particular style.

Beginning Piano Lessons

With that I mean when you play a famous song; popular or classical, jazz or blues, you are typically "bound" by certain expectations and rules regarding the sound and the style of playing.

But traditional songs may fit in any of those styles, so you don't have to make it sound like any- really!

So to "free" your imagination we will in this beginning piano lessons video use simple accompaniment patterns using fifths and easy tone materials to let you explore what you can do yourself.

You won't make any mistakes and it will sound great too! 

Beginning Piano Lessons: Let's Make Music!

So, here it goes!

We'll play some traditional songs in 5 finger positions using an open fifth as accompaniment. You'll also learn how to make a very simple, feel-good improvisation using fifths as the main "ingredient".

Check out the video and play along on your piano, stop anytime to take the time you need.

What You Learned In This Lesson

  • The five black keys are actually a pentatonic scale. They are great for improvising since whatever you play sounds good!
  • We can use different 5-finger positions on the piano to learn to use all fingers quicker, as well as easily finding basic piano chords.
  • Using only white keys with 5 finger positions from d and a gives us a minor tonality, from c and g- a major tonality.
  • Music Intervals gives us more patterns to play with! As they are, or used as accompaniment.
  • The music interval of a fifth is very useful. Playing either one note at a time or both creates an “open sound” of neither major nor minor- and you can make a very easy accompaniment this way. 

Have fun! And remember: "There are no wrong notes when improvising- just interesting ones!".


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