Beginners Piano Lessons

Start to learn piano now with free beginners piano lessons! These lessons are meant for adult beginners, but anyone can learn, it is so easy!

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What You Will Learn

In this video lesson, you will first get to know about the piano keyboard layout, and then:

  • You will learn how to find your way on the piano, and the piano keyboard layout.
  • All about the black and white keys.
  • You will learn how we number the fingers.
  • The names of the piano keys.
  • How to know where “up” and “down” on the piano is.
  • We will start playing and improvising while using a pentatonic scale on the black keys.

Tip: It's a good idea to get a method for adult beginners piano lessons to follow along with.

Free Beginners Piano Lessons (video)

The Piano Keyboard Layout

The piano has 88 keys organized in black and white patterns. The black keys have, as you have noticed, a pattern of two and three black key groups. This helps us to find our way around the keyboard

Piano Keyboard Layout

Your right hand will mostly play the keys from the middle to the right of the piano. These tones have a higher and higher pitch, or sound.

Your left hand will play the keys from the middle to the left on the piano. These tones have a lower pitch.

Finger Numbers

Finger numbers are often written in the sheet music to help you find the best and easiest playing position, and the best way to play the different note patterns.

Sure, it is easy- but so important!

Practice a bit every day to remind yourself of the finger numbers, and playing (and note reading later) goes so much smoother! 

Remember: Thumbs are number 1, then number two, three, four and pinkies are number five:

Piano Finger Numbers

Hand Posture

Piano Hand Posture

When you play you want to try to keep your fingers softly curved, and your hands in a “cupped” position. It might be a bit hard at first, but try to get it right just before you start to play and immediately after you finish.

As your hands become stronger you will learn to do this all the time. Even though you might feel like you are struggling at first, this is really the most relaxed position for your hand! 

How to Sit at the Piano

When you sit at the piano it is important to sit at the right height, not too low, not to high- but just right! OK, Goldilocks, how exactly?

Try to sit so that your arm - when you hold your hand-cupped-on the keyboard, has approx. a 90 degree angle with your elbow. If you have a floor standing mirror you can see how it looks. 

Also remember not to sit too close to the piano. 20-30 centimeters is a good distance. It is better having to lean slightly forward, than having to lean backward. 


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