Adult Beginner Piano Sheet Music & More

When learning to play piano you first of all need beginner piano sheet music and books of high quality.

Here are my tips and recommendations of some of the best supplementary piano sheet music books especially for adult learners.

What Sheet Music Do You Need?

What sheet music you need depend on several things; your age, what kind of music you prefer, your skill level and personal taste.

Lucky for us pianists there are a lot of sheet music available! But what should you start with?

Beginner piano sheet music for adults.

There is a huge market of beginner piano sheet music and to find the right for you can be a bit of trial and error.

The recommendations below are of true and tested quality materials and a great place to start for later and adult beginners.

Teaching Yourself or Taking Piano Lessons?

  • If you work with a piano teacher s/he will recommend the piano lesson books that s/he prefers. But you can of course still complement with other styles of sheet music that you prefer to play.
  • If you teach yourself piano, you might decide to use one of the online courses or DVD packages available. They sometimes come with their own sheet music, but even then I think you should add some personal selections of repertoire or piano lesson books as well, to enrich your studies (= more fun!).

Choose a Piano Method for Adults

Whether you work on your own or with a teacher– you’ll definitely need a good adult beginner piano method, as well as various styles of sheet music for beginners that work well for learning on your own.

Supplementary Beginner Piano Sheet Music

There are new piano books and collections available all the time – so what do you choose?

Over the years I have taught hundreds of students, and tried and experimented with everything I thought to be a good selection of beginner piano sheet music.

I always try out as many new methods and anthologies as I can, mainly because I need to keep informed as a piano pedagogue; but I would get too bored otherwise as well ; )

These are my recommendations of newer sheet music that is well made and progressively organized, that I see good results with and also seem to be very liked by my students who used them.

Adult Beginner Piano Sheet Music

A piano method (above) comes with it's own selection of graded piano pieces. But in the long run, this can be limiting.

To supplement your piano method here are some great choices that I've found really give results: Piano Music Books for Adult Beginners

Piano Theory

It is also important to build your piano theory skills as you learn to play.

I recommend: Alfred's Basic Adult Theory Piano Book. (Amazon) Find your level, and it will teach you all the basics.

Sight Reading

It is part of a "healthy musical diet" to include some sight reading practice every day. Try to set aside at least a few minutes daily for this.

I recommend: Sight Reading and Rhythm Every Day. (Amazon)

Here are some tips and ideas on how to practice sight reading with great results: Music sight reading tips.

Piano Exercises

In addition to beginner piano sheet music methods, you need to work with finger technique and piano exercises.

Here I have compiled a graded list of great piano technique sheet music for adult beginners here: Build your piano playing technique step by step.

A great book for adult beginners is: Alfred's Basic Adult Finger Aerobics: Exercises to Develop the Strength, Flexibility and Agility of Each Finger. (Amazon)

Popular Piano Pieces

The whole Alfred's series in general have really nice and well arranged, famous and popular themes in many different styles.

Here is just one recommendation, but I suggest that you explore all the different books in the series to find your favorite kind of music: Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course: Greatest Hits (Amazon).

Piano Scales, Chords and Arpeggios

A pianist library is not complete without a scale book.

Although I recommend practicing and playing scales by heart, it's important to have a Scale book and use it like an encyclopedia to check fingering etc. now and then.

I recommend: The Complete Book of Scales, Chords and Arpeggios. (Amazon)

You can learn more about piano scales and how to play them effectively here: Piano Scales

Teach Yourself to Play Piano

Here are some ideas for when you are learning the piano by yourself: Teach yourself piano: 10 tips to get started.

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