Basic Music Theory Lessons

Learn basic music theory in free, easy to understand lessons for beginners to more advanced. This music theory part of aims to guide you through the wonderful world of music with helpful lessons, tools and exercises along the way. 

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Learn Music Theory

Learn Basic Music TheoryLearn Music Theory!

It may seem like music theory is really difficult... But understanding how music is built is actually both logic and simple, if you only know where to begin!

The theory of music is all about learning how music works – it's the study of the different building blocks that music is made from.

Here you will find free theory lessons starting from scratch, that focus on making the knowledge of music as accessible and simple to understand as possible.

Now, sharpen your pencil, get some free music staff paper and let's get started!

This is Music Theory...

  • Learning about how music notes are written in a score.
  • To understand more about musical symbols and all those little markings in sheet music.
  • Learning how chords and scales are constructed.
  • Deepen the understanding of the elements or building blocks of music.
  • Getting some basic tools to get started to actually write a song or compose your own music.
  • Knowing more about the theory of music is a real help for any musician, beginner or not.

Thought learning theory is for nerds and geeks and cramps your style? Here are the top 10 myths about learning the theory of music!

Piano Theory

As pianists we have a HUGE advantage when learning about music theory. It's so easy to see everything on the piano keyboard!

These piano theory lessons are a "soft" introduction to music theory, more aimed to the needs of beginner piano players and not going too deep into music theory.

Confused About Music Theory?

For any music theory related questions, you can ask them here: 

Basic Music Theory Questions


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