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The Piano Player, Issue #38 -- Who Invented The Piano?
June 26, 2018

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The Piano Player--Issue #38, June 2018

In This Issue: Who Invented the Piano?

Who Invented The Piano?

The history of the piano is a fascinating story that originates from approximately 2300 years ago. It's a journey to ancient times and back again.

The piano, also called Pianoforte, is one of the most popular instruments of all times.

Today it is played all over the world, and used in many different styles of music. As one of the most popular instruments, it has gone through many transformations during the history of its development.

Join in exploring the history of our favorite instrument, from it's origins until today!

Who Invented The Piano

Who invented the piano and where did the piano come from? The history of the piano has roots from long ago..

When learning about the history of pianos and the development of the masterpiece of an instrument we have today, it's interesting to also look at the historical development of keyboard instruments in general, as well as how the desire for different tone-qualities have changed over many centuries.


Renaissance and Baroque Piano Keyboards

The keyboard instruments of the Renaissance were very soft-sounded and usually used as solo instruments, or to accompany singing.

The Virginal was an instrument where, like the Spinets and Harpsichords (later), the strings were plucked with a quill.

The Clavichord was invented in the early 14th century. It was an instrument where the strings were pushed with a tangent. This made it possible to also create a vibrato.


The Pianos of the Classical Era

The Gravicembalo was a relatively small instrument with a small sound, but during the Classical era it became very popular and eventually replaced the Harpsichord and the Clavichord.

What happened musically during the Classical era had a huge impact on the development and the rising popularity of the new instrument; The Pianoforte.


Piano Quotes

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Sheet Music of the Month

Printable Classical Piano Sheet Music

Classical piano music is usually divided into three eras;

the Baroque Period (1600-1750), the Classical Period (1750-1820) and the Romantic Period (1820-1910).

Music after that is often called "20th century music", and even "Modern":)

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Classical Piano Sheet Music

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