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The Piano Player, Issue #28 -- Stage Fright
February 16, 2016

Tips And Tricks For Beginner Pianists

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February 16, 2016. Issue #28

In this issue:

What's New and Updated?

Difference between arpeggio (root and inversions) and broken chord?

Hello, I am wondering about the difference between arpeggios and broken chords. If someone were to play a C major broken triad chord, with inversions...

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Printable Piano Chords Chart PDF

Print a piano chords chart and learn more about how to play chord piano. This is a handy tool especially when you start learning how to play piano chords.

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Printable Piano Keyboard Diagram

Print free piano keyboard diagram templates and learn all about the names of the notes on the piano keys.

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Learn How To Play Piano Pain Free

Learn how to play piano without pain! Do you have back pain while playing the piano? Back pain when playing an instrument is unfortunately rather common. But you are not supposed to have pain when you play!

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Piano Practice and Technique Tips & Tricks

Battling Stage Fright- Is It Necessary To Perform for Amateurs?

Playing the piano often involves some kind of performing. Either performing at your weekly lesson for your piano teacher, performing at a yearly piano student's recital or playing for friends or family.

Some pianists have no problem at all to perform, and do it happily whenever they can. Others feel anything from mildly nervous all the way to severe issues of stage fright, stress and panic attacks.  

Should all piano students, especially older beginners, have to perform? Should you, just because you play the piano, have to expose yourself for such stressful situations as a performance or is it enough just to play for your own pleasure?  

Perhaps we should look at what the benefits of performing are.

Performing the piano will give you a goal to work for. Practicing and polishing your repertoire for a performance takes you through many levels of study.

You will work with your piece/s until so secure, even memorized, that you might actually wish to show "someone" what you have accomplished.  

This pride of accomplishment can of course be enjoyed by yourself, but I think most of us like to show at least one other person what we have worked so hard to learn.  

Performing piano is stretching out your comfort zone boundaries.

It can be exhilarating, like if we do something we've never done before that scares us, and the thrilling feeling afterwards that we actually did it.

Like the first time scuba diving, parachuting, looking down from a very high building or traveling to a foreign country on your own.  

Having the experience of performing might make you appreciate and understand other performers more. You know firsthand how much hard work and preparation that lies behind a successful performance.  

So, how about the negative aspects?  

Some pianists get so nervous and stressed before and during a performance that they get physically ill, or psychologically traumatized.

This is in no way something anyone should have to endure.

Playing and performing music should be enjoyable.

Sure, it can be challenging, thrilling, scary and really, really exhausting- but the "core" feeling should still be enjoyment, no matter if you are a professional or an amateur pianist.  

So, what to do?

There are many ways to learn how to deal with stage fright, and practicing to make you master your performance nerves better does yield great results and could perhaps make those who hate performing actually love it.

But no one should be forced to do something they really, really do not want to do. And no one is a lesser musician for it!

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Happy practicing!

Your online piano coach,

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