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The Piano Player, Issue #48 -- Read Piano Music Better
May 12, 2019

Tips & Tools for Piano Players

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The Piano Player--Issue #48, May 2019

In This Issue:

Read Piano Music

Tips and tricks on how to read piano music better.

As spring is lighting up our days, I'm enjoying the happy chirping of birds and scent of flowers here in Greece. I hope you have wonderful days where you live as well!

What better time than to dig out all those musky music books and sheet music- (or get some new and fresh ones) and work on note reading practice! :)

If you are lucky enough to have some beautiful old vintage sheet music, or some that are just falling apart as I do- you can also always frame them ;)! I'm gonna do just that myself. Here is a beautiful idea on pinterest. Music note reading is so important, and can always be improved so take part in my suggestions for better note reading practice.

A beautiful and moving story about the power of learning music and note reading later in life is shared by one of our readers, read it- it'll warm your heart.

Reading Piano Music with Ease

Reading piano music can be made easier if you learn the method of score mapping.

Learning how to map out the different musical patterns before you begin a new piano piece, makes you see it in a whole new light!

In this lesson you'll learn how this works.

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Music Sight Reading Tips

Music sight reading or "a prima vista" means to be able to read music as you play it "at first sight".

But, knowing how to read piano notes does not necessarily mean that you can sight read well...

Here are tips to improve your sight reading!

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Reading Music NotesA Mini Course for Beginners

Reading music notes can be easy! In just two easy and totally free piano lessons, you will be reading music and play with both hands in no time!

From the maybe not-so-comfortable position called “middle C position” that we practiced in Part 1 of learning how to read notes, this time we'll move the hands apart for a better posture at the piano.

You will also finally start playing both hands at the same time! Fasten your seat-belts: This is fast learning for the not-so-patient learners!

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Got Piano Questions?

Ask your piano related questions here: Piano Q & A
And music theory questions here: Music Theory Q & A

Piano Story of the Month

I Looked in Awe at Musicians and Their Language of Notes

I always admired musicians and their magical talents. I would look at a piece of sheet music or hymnal and marvel at the beautiful characters that made up a written representation of sound. I couldn't read music so it seemed simultaneously beautiful, complex and intimidating.

When I married my husband twenty five years ago, he had two pianos. One was an upright, the other a mid-size grand. He had begun music lessons in his forties while living in Alberta, Canada as an expatriate.

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Printable Sheet Music: Burgmuller's Arabesque Color Coded for Easy Note Reading and Learning (PDF)

Here is Burmuller's well known Etude "Arabesque", from his opus 100.

I have color coded the whole piece in parts that are same, similar or different.

Study each color and variation, then put it all together. This is a great way to get an overview of a piece and learn it quickly.

F. Burgmuller: Arabesque op. 100, Color Coded PDF

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Happy Practicing!

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