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The Piano Player, Issue #30 -- Practice Piano
April 20, 2016

Practice Piano While You Sleep

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April 20 2016. Issue #30

In this issue:

What's New and Updated?

Piano Practice Tips

“Now go home and practice”. - OK, but how? I didn't start learning proper piano practice techniques myself until I started teaching piano.

Some people have the ability to practice and get great results without having learned much about how to practice, that is true. But most people don’t.
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Effective Piano Practice Techniques

Are you looking for piano practice techniques that are effective and work? Here is a simple formula for getting through that first stage and learning the notes of a piece super-effectively.
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Practice Piano Effectively

Why do we keep on making the same mistake, even when we know the correct note?

To practice piano with good results, it is a good idea to learn more how our analytical understanding of the music and our body movements are coordinated by our brain...

...It may not necessarily work in the way we'd expect!
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Time to Practice Piano

How much time do you need to practice piano? Although the time needed to practice and making good progress varies greatly with each individual, it is a fact that a certain number of practice hours are needed to reach any skill level, and to reach a good level of piano playing you need to put in the time.
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Piano Practice and Technique Tips & Tricks

Practice Piano While You Sleep? How Sleep Can Make You Play Better.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could learn to play piano while sleeping? Well, actually we can!

One of the most amazing things about learning to play piano is that time and time again the old adage; "Sleep on it" really works.

After a practice session that didn't feel all that successful, perhaps rather frustrating, you try again next day. And ta-da! Everything works much better- perhaps even really great- what you struggled with so much the day before.

Part of it is of course the simple act of resting. While practicing, everyone will reach the point of mental or physical exhaustion. It might not always be so obvious, but that's the point when all starts to go wrong. Wrong notes, squeaky sound- blah.

Time to stop, but try to do at least the last thing you did well. You don't want to leave the practicing having played all wrong and horribly. It's not the greatest incentive to practice the next day...

After resting, the following day you will have more energy and what was so hard the day befor seems a lot less difficult.

But, one part of the process it not "just" the sleeping/resting. Part of it is that your brain actually keeps "practicing" while you sleep!

Your brain will keep on trying to "solve the problem", even if you are not aware, while you sleep. Some of the muscles used might even keep on being activated, so that your body believes that you have played the problem spot in the music many more times than you actually did.

Isn't that great! But, nothing of this would of course happen unless you actually started the process- that is; Practiced- in the first place. See it as an extra benefit: Practice while you sleep!

So, what are you waiting for? Go to sleep! :)

Happy practicing!

Your online piano coach,

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