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The Piano Player Newsletter, Issue #63 Piano Sheet Music
December 06, 2021

Tips & Tools for Piano Players

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"The Piano Player"-- Issue #63, December 2021

In This Issue:

Favorite Piano Music Books

Christmas Piano Sheet Music PDF and Adult Piano Music Books for Beginners

Ave Maria Sheet Music for Piano(2021)

Got Piano Questions?

Piano Question of the Month

Piano Sheet Music

Comments? Ideas? Feedback?

Choosing the Perfect Piano Sheet Music

Hello there! :)

As holidays are right around the corner, what better time than this to stock up on piano repertoire!

Pick out your favorite pieces, learn them well, and keep them regularly maintained for a handy, personalized piano repertoire.

If you can, learn them by heart to have your pieces ready whenever you see a piano ;).

Here is a selection of books and sheet music to satisfy many tastes. I hope you'll find something to inspire 😀.

I have also included a piano technique suggestion, Hanon is always a great choice if you need your fingers "up to speed" quickly.

Also enjoy this month's beautiful sheet music by Franz Schubert, Ave Maria, in an arrangement that is not too hard.

❄Happy Holidays, and a Happy and Healthy New Year 2022!🎇

All the best, Maria

Favorite Piano Music Books

The piano method book you use may contain some “goodies”; piano pieces that are so lovely that you might want to keep them in your repertoire.

But since the purpose of the pieces in a method or lesson book is to teach you fundamental skills, techniques, and how to read notes, etc., they could be a tad bit boring.

Here are my long-time favorites of really great quality anthologies with different styles of music we use all the time in my studio.

These books are perfect to complement any piano method and especially great for adult beginners who are ready for some "real" music (without simplifications) by known composers.


Christmas Piano Sheet Music PDF and Adult Piano Music Books for Beginners

Christmas is the time to celebrate and play music.

But what Christmas piano sheet music can you get as an adult beginner? (And are you going to manage to learn to play it in time for Christmas?) Worry no more!

Here I have selected fun and easy Christmas piano repertoire for beginners. I have scoured the internet for easy piano sheet music and the best Christmas sheet music for beginners to keep year after year with lots of fun pieces to play (and not so much practice..) and sing along with.

Let the caroling begin!

TIP: Beginner piano sheet music is also a great gift idea for the piano player in your life.😉


Ave Maria Sheet Music for Piano

Here you can view and print Ave Maria sheet music in two famous versions. One is by Johan Sebastian Bach / Charles Gounod, and the other one is by Franz Schubert.

Read more about each Ave Maria sheet music composition and the composers, enjoy the videos and print the sheet music for piano solo and for piano and voice.


Got Piano Questions?

Ask your piano related questions here: Piano Playing Q & A

Piano Question of the Month

Hanon for Beginners

"Good day to you, I'm an older (60yrs young) person starting off with piano lessons.

What is the best way to easily move up and down as you are practicing Hanon? My fingers and I are not on the same sheet of music.

Thank you and be safe."

Hello Jonathan,

Your quotable comment made my day: "My fingers and I are not on the same sheet of music". Brilliant! 🤣

Hanon's exercises are great, but if you're a beginner, start by learning 5-finger patterns (Penta scales) in major and minor first. This will help you coordinate your fingers. Hanon's 5-finger exercises are an extension of these basic patterns.


Piano Sheet Music

Ave Maria by Franz Schubert

Perhaps the most famous version of Ave Maria (Ave Maria Jungfrau mild) was composed by Franz Schubert.

This song was written in 1825 as the sixth (Ellen's third) song (lieder) in a song cycle of seven songs based upon the poems by Walter Scott called The Lady of the Lake.

Later, the Latin text of the “Ave Maria” from the Roman Catholic prayer was used instead of the original text.

It became so popular that many thought Schubert composed it to that text.

Here it is in a relatively easy arrangement. Enjoy!

Ave Maria by Franz Schubert

Comments? Ideas? Feedback?

I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this newsletter and tell me what you think or what you'd like to read more about.

Happy Practicing,

Your Online Piano Coach,


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