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Piano Sheet Music 🎹 The Piano Player #43
December 16, 2018

Tips & Tools for Piano Players

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The Piano Player--Issue #43, December 2018

In This Issue:

Piano Sheet Music for Adults

Learning to play piano, it's easy to get so caught up in all the do's and don'ts. And while learning "how to play" certainly is important, the real reason most of us got started is because of the music itself.

And, unless you play everything by ear or improvise, a hefty amount of inspiring sheet music is something all pianists crave at a regular basis.

So here is a little contribution to all Ye Hungry Piano Players: Christmas music, Fur Elise, and the list of top 10 easy piano pieces to learn (if you want to be prepared for any occasions playing the piano)!

Gather up your music, and hopefully you'll have some time during the holidays to learn some new repertoire!


Christmas Piano Sheet Music

Christmas is the time to celebrate and play music! But what Christmas piano sheet music can you get as an adult beginner?

Here is a selection of Christmas piano sheet music for adult beginners. I have scoured the internet for free, easy piano sheet music as well as for the best Christmas sheet music books to keep year after year with lots of fun pieces to play (and not so much practice!) and sing a long with. Let the caroling begin!

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Fur Elise Sheet Music

Ludwig Van Beethoven wrote the popular piano piece called "Klavierstuck Fur Elise" in April 27, 1810. It is believed to be originally written for a woman named Therese Malfatti. There is a lot of speculation as to where the name “Elise” comes from, and as of today nobody really knows for sure...

Here you can learn more about, print and play one of the most loved classical piano pieces of all times.

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Top 10 Easy Piano Songs for All Occasions

Imagine always have something beautiful and perfect to play at gatherings, holidays, celebrations, weddings etc...

Here are the top 10 most requested classical style piano songs that have survived the test of time and are perfect for almost every occasion.

I have picked out the easy piano versions of this "must-have" repertoire. Start building your own "Top Hits" repertoire today!

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Got Piano Questions?

Ask your piano related questions here: Piano Q & A
And music theory questions here: Music Theory Q & A

Question of the Month

I play guitar, bass, drums, and have a small recording studio, for working on original compositions. I am currently self-studying Harmony & Theory by Wyatt.

I would like to learn proper piano technique, to aid in my study of theory, as well as be able to record basic piano parts. I know you have free lessons here, and that's cool! However have you ever tried to set a laptop on keyboard! Not to mention the fact that my laptop doesn't fit in my music stand! (GRIN)

I have read your recommended book list, but unsure which book/s would be a good choice to get started! Could you please recommend some books to get started?

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Happy Practicing!

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