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Piano Sheet Music 🎹 The Piano Player #43
June 01, 2100

Tips & Tools for Piano Players

Hi, and welcome to The Piano Player, the E-zine of In each issue you will get updates and news with tips and tools about playing and learning the piano.

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The Piano Player--Issue #43, December 2018

In This Issue:

Piano Keyboards & Accessories

What do you need when you start playing the piano- or when you're ready to get an even better instrument? A pianist may not need so many gadgets and stuff as other instrumentalists, but we do need the best quality we can afford.

There are a few "musts" as a pianist; a good piano and a comfortable piano bench placed in a comfortable and well lit area. Serious pianists also need a metronome. These are the "bare necessities" for pianists.

Here are guides that will help you to find the instrument that's perfect for you- whether it's an acoustic or digital piano, and a guide to why and how it's so important with a proper piano bench.

As always I enjoy answering your piano playing questions, and this month you'll get some tips on how to practice not looking at the keyboard!

Finally, free Ragtime music by the beloved King of Ragtime, Scott Joplin himself.


Buying Pianos: Tips and advice when buying an acoustic piano

When buying a piano, the acoustic instruments usually come first to mind. But what kind of models and brands should you look at, and what type of piano would suit your needs?

Here are tips and advice for buying acoustic pianos. What to look for, think about and how to best take care of your instrument.

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The Best Digital Piano

What is the best digital piano for the home? Selecting a piano is a matter of personal choice. What sounds, touch, feel, design and price suit your needs?

One of the first questions that comes up with a new piano student is what type of piano to buy, electronic or acoustic. Budget plays a huge roll, of course, but also things like maintenance and the possibility to practice with headphones.

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Adjustable Piano Benches: The How and the Why

What is the best type of bench for pianists?

There are adjustable piano benches, standard wood top benches, stools and chairs. But before buying a bench there are a few things to consider.

We will take a look at how the different benches suit each type of piano, pianist or venue.

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Got Piano Questions?

Ask your piano related questions here: Piano Q & A
And music theory questions here: Music Theory Q & A

Question of the Month

Success with the new changes!! What are the best exercises for knowing the piano keyboard without looking? Can you suggest drills that will help me memorize the keyboard; that is, to know the keyboard without looking??

Thank you for any suggestions!

Maria's Answer:

Hello and thank you!

Although it may seem easy enough to memorize the touch and feel of the piano keyboard, many- many piano students struggle with the problem of looking down at their hands when reading sheet music.

First of all, let me clarify when and where you need to look at your hands...

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Happy Practicing!

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