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The Piano Player, Issue #45 -- Piano Scales and Exercises for Beginners
February 10, 2019

Tips & Tools for Piano Players

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The Piano Player--Issue #45, February 2019

In This Issue:

Piano Scales and Exercises for Beginners

Piano scales are an important part of all serious piano practice. When studying scales you learn patterns and fingerings that are used in all piano music.

Some love to practice scales, that's good, but remember that scales are just tools to improve your playing. Not a goal in themselves.

Others hate to practice scales. Then I'd suggest that you view them as your "piano yoga". Exercises for both fingers and mind. Remember to play slowly, with a mindful "feel" for each note and the balance in your arms and fingers.

Playing scales are important, but make sure also to relax and focus on well-being/feeling good and they can become a great warm-up for your piano practice!

Here are tips and exercises for the beginner to the more skilled players. In the end I link to two free piano pieces, one easy and one a bit harder, to practice your scale-skills with. Enjoy!

Master the C Major Scale for Piano

The C major scale is said to be the easiest piano scale to learn first, since it uses only white keys on the piano.

But how is it built, what fingering should you use and what is the best way to practice it? Learn all about it here!

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Printable Piano Music Scales for Beginners

Would you like to finally learn piano music scales with the correct fingering?

Here you can print and practice all the major and harmonic minor piano music scales with fingering.

The printable scales are organized in groups with comments, so you can learn the fingering easier.

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Learn All 12 Major Scales for Piano

Learn how to play all the 12 major scales on the piano, easily!

You can print the scales (free PDF's), and follow the study guide below to learn how to practice them in the simplest order!

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Got Piano Questions?

Ask your piano related questions here: Piano Q & A
And music theory questions here: Music Theory Q & A

Piano Question of the Month

How to memorise scales, sharps, flats and theory?

In 2008, I was badly injured and banged up my head which caused amnesia in an automobile accident. Then 1 year later went through a bad divorce which left me with nothing and penniless.

So after 33 years of devotion to the family, I must now fend for myself and the only way is to get a certificate of something. As I had taken my piano grades till Grade 5, 33 years ago, it is now my only option to be a piano teacher while working as a kindergarten teacher...

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Sheet Music Recommendations: Free Printable Sheet Music

Here are two little piano pieces, perfect to practice your scale skills with!

They are from a really useful website with free sheet music by Michael Kravchuk:

The first very easy piece is by Diabelli, called "Morning". It uses only a 5 finger scale pattern:

Diabelli: Morning

The second piece is by Gurlitt, called "Fleet Fingers". Here you'll practice the whole one-octave piano scale in C major:

Gurlitt: Fleet Fingers

Comments? Ideas? Feedback?

I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this E-zine and tell me what you think, or what you'd like to read more about.

Happy Practicing!

Your Online Piano Coach,



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