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The Piano Player, Issue #40 -- How to Learn Piano
September 09, 2018

Tips & Tools for Piano Players

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The Piano Player--Issue #40, September 2018

In This Issue:

How to Learn Piano

There are as many ways to learn the piano as there are piano players.

Many adults choose to teach themselves piano, but I'd still recommend taking lessons with a qualified teacher now and then just to make sure you're staying on the right track.

Here are some tips and tools for whatever way you choose to learn. I hope you'll find some inspiration!

Also make sure to check out the easy, free sheet music of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. I found a gem online where you can get lots of free sheet music. Check it out below!

How to Learn Piano: Should you take piano lessons or can you teach yourself?

How to learn piano as an adult- what is the best way?

Should you start taking piano lessons or teach yourself to play? Are there any other alternatives?

Whatever your reasons, there are two main ways how to learn piano; you can either find out how to learn piano by yourself or start lessons with a teacher.

Here are some great tips and advice how to get started.

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Learning the Piano in 20 Steps.

Teach yourself piano in 20 steps!

Learning the piano, with or without a piano teacher, is a process that can be accomplished in any number of ways.

Here is a plan on what steps you can take when you want to start learning the piano from scratch.

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Learn to Play Piano by Ear

Get started learning how to play piano by ear today!

Here is a mini guide for beginner pianists to learn how to play piano without sheet music.

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Question of the Month


I'm seriously considering starting piano lessons. I'm 63 years old and pretty much sold, so far, on the Kawai CE 220.

I'll be primarily self taught. (I hate to drive after having driven all over the U.S.A. several times. Now I find I'm just happy to stay at home unless I have to go out for groceries etc.)

So do you think the Kawai is a decent choice... due to weight and size restrictions..the piano; not me; all though my equatorial dimensions are increasing at a less than desirable rate.

Any opinions you might share concerning my choice of pianos and music lesson books would be be greatly appreciated.

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Got Piano Questions?

Ask your piano related questions here: Piano Q & A
And music theory questions here: Music Theory Q & A

Sheet Music of the Month

Easy Moonlight Sonata

Authumn is here. Perhaps the evenings are not yet dark and gloomy where you live, but now is a chance to get ready for those evenings...

A really easy version of the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven! How perfect for a dark and gloomy evening, in the moonlight...or not!

All free and immediately printable from, a nice site with lots of free sheet music. Enjoy!

Easy Moonlight Sonata

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Happy Practicing!

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