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The Piano Player, Issue #31 -- Nimble Fingers Now!
May 20, 2016

Get Nimble Fingers Now

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May 20 2016. Issue #31

In this issue:

What's New and Updated?

Hanon: The Virtuoso Pianist

Hanon The Virtuoso Pianist is a very famous set of finger exercises for pianists. Here you can print the piano exercises for free and get tips on how to practice the exercises for best results.
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Build Your Piano Playing Technique Step By Step

Here is a step by step plan to help building a great piano playing technique with suitable material for beginner (adult) pianists. There are many books about piano technique "out there". These are the piano books I have found give great, measurable results and that are very effective for beginners.
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How To Practice Piano Exercises

What type of piano exercises do you need as a beginner and how can they help you develop strength and flexibility at the piano?

As you begin playing piano, simply the act of pressing down the keys-and synchronizing your fingers-in addition to learning music theory-and how to read notes-as well as trying to sit correctly-and keep you hand position right – phew!- is usually more than enough...!

But after a while it is a good idea to start working with separate piano exercises to help you to build up strength, awareness and security in your playing technique.
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Learn How To Play Piano Pain Free

Learn how to play piano without pain! Do you have back pain while playing the piano? Back pain when playing an instrument is unfortunately rather common. But you are not supposed to have pain when you play!

I struggled with really bad neck pain when playing, I still do if I don't take care how I sit, and balance my head. I was taught to push my elbows outwards when playing- this became a pain so bad I couldn't practice without painkillers.

After learning about how to sit correctly, and how to balance my body, I have learned that practicing can, and should be pain free.
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Piano Practice and Technique Tips & Tricks

Get Nimble Fingers Now!

I have said it before, and I will say it again… The best and quickest way to get your fingers to "loosen up" and feel more flexible is to play a daily dose of Hanon's "The Virtuoso Pianist".

Together with a few scales and chords, you have a great warm up regime for all your life if you like.

So what's so great with Hanon?

First of all you can play the first 20 five-finger exercises on any level, even for beginners. They are easy to memorize and so simple to learn.

You can change the exercises and use them for different needs in your technique; like speed, dynamics, articulation, balance between your two hands, bringing out some notes more than others etc. But above all, even when playing them straight, they are great to get your fingers going!

I have written more about Hanon's exercises here , where you can also print a free copy of "Le Pianiste Virtuose" by Hanon.

But if you are really a beginner, here is another page with tips and help on how you can get started from scratch and a study guide on how to learn the exercises as a beginner: A Beginners Guide To Hanon.

So what are you waiting for? Go and teach yourself a couple of Hanon exercises and feel your fingers getting rid of all stiffness and getting happily nimble and ready to play!

Happy practicing!

Your online piano coach,

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