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The Piano Player, Issue #36 -- Effective Piano Practice Tips
April 22, 2018

Tips & Tools for Piano Players

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The Piano Player--Issue #36, April 2018

In This Issue: Effective Piano Practice Tips

Effective Piano Practice Tips

Getting your piano practice skills up to speed is always important. Practicing is an art form in itself, and finding ways to practice smarter and more effective is an ongoing pursuit. Here are 3 Top Articles with tips on how to practice more effectively.

Develop an Effective Random Piano Practice Routine

Developing an effective piano practice routine doesn't only save time, but also helps you have more fun and enjoy you practice.

Interleaved practice seems (and is) random, and random is not efficient...or is it?

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How Much Time Do You Need to Practice Piano?

The time needed to practice and making good progress varies greatly with each individual.

But it is a fact that a certain number of practice hours are required to reach any skill level, and to reach a good level of piano playing- you need to put in the time!

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Beginner Piano Practice Techniques

Are you looking for piano practice techniques that are effective and give results?

Here is a simple formula for getting through that first stage and learning the notes of a piece super-effectively.

The best way to work with a new piece in this way, is to work with one to two small sections per day.

Learning the notes of a piano piece with the "formula" below actually takes very little time, but is highly effective and intense!

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Piano Playing Q & A

Hello and thank you for offering services to answer questions!

I have been on and off my piano practicing and am trying to stick with a system to practice well.

I wanted to ask 3 questions.

The first, how fast do we need to be when practicing scales?

Second, would this practice plan of mine be well enough to better my skills?:

10-15 min warm up with scales 30 min practice with chords and songs (done from a music app).

Third, When is the best time to learn how to play by ear?

Thank you, any advice and recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

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Got Piano Questions?

Ask your piano related questions here. Piano Playing Q&A

Sheet Music of the Month

Have you ever played something by Eric Satie?

His meditative and calm "Gymnopedies" are not really for the beginner pianist.

But if you have played for a while and can read music, the first "Gymnopedie" is a piece that is not extremely hard to learn.

And it's very relaxing while you're learning it!
Get free sheet music and read more about how to practice Eric Satie's Gymnopedie here.

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Happy Practicing!

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