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The Piano Player, Issue #29 -- Chord Piano
March 16, 2016

Learn To Play Chord Piano

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March 16 2016. Issue #29

In this issue:

What's New and Updated?

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Piano Practice and Technique Tips & Tricks

How to Learn Chord Piano

Why learn chord piano?

Chord piano is very useful for any pianist to know, and it can be very easy. Learning to play chord piano is also a quick way to sound good playing the piano!

With very little piano playing "under your belt", you can play chords to many songs using very simple techniques.

As you get better and better you can play more complicated chords, and learn many different ways of playing the chords and making beautiful accompaniments.

But in the start, it sounds good just playing simple 3 note chords by themselves, or with a melody.

How do you learn chord piano?


  1. First learn the notes on the piano keys.

  2. Learn the finger numbers for playing piano.

  3. Learn what the chord symbols mean. In the very beginning, the only thing you need to know is how to play a major vs a minor chord in root position. You can learn all about the numbers and other symbols later.

  4. Start by playing the basic chords in your right hand, then add the bass or root note in your left, you can even double it by playing an octave.

Now, find a favorite piece with chords; Try Beatles Yellow submarine that you can print for free here.

  1. First learn the chords and to play them in your right hand. Sing or hum the melody as you do.

  2. Add the root of the chord in your left, you can play an octave with fingers 1 and 5. That's it!

  3. If you want to play the melody too, first learn to play it with your right hand.

  4. Then learn to play the chords in your left hand.

  5. Finally, play the melody and the chords together and change the chord where it's written above the melody.

Here are more lessons about piano chords and chord piano: Learn Piano Chords

Happy practicing!

Your online piano coach,

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