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Virtual Piano with Notes

Take a break, have some fun with an online virtual piano game! This is a cool little piano game that anyone can play around with, and above all discover the relationship between pitch and the keys on the piano. 

Virtual Piano Keyboard Game with Notes

Virtual Piano Game with Notes

Just press the keys and see the notes appear on the staff lines.

Then press play and hear how it sounds. (There are no help/ledger lines unfortunately, so C has no line through it as it should. And the black keys will only be represented as a sharp, there are no flat signs.)

But nevertheless it is still great for piano beginners to be able to observe how the notes go higher when you play to the right- it is called up on the piano, and how the notes go lower when you play to the left.

Of course the best would be to play on a real piano, but with this piano game you can practice to see the relationship between both notes and keys!

For example, you can practice to hear the differences between different intervals, or distances between notes.

If you would like to learn more about the piano keyboard layout and the names of all the keys, check out this page: Layout of the Piano Keys

Why not try to "compose" your own little tune?

If you press the “Loop” button and then “Play”, you can hear your "masterpiece" play over and over!

If you like you can try to change the rhythm a little bit by adding quarter rests as well. Have fun!

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