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Piano Technique

Improve your piano playing with technical skills!

Piano technique is what you need to work on consistently, to be able to make musical choices as you play; quickly and effortlessly.

Learning To Play Piano

Piano Technique Lessons and Resources

Learning to play our instrument well involves many aspects of practicing.

Apart from learning to actually find the notes on the instrument, you will learn:

  • to read piano music and to sight read as you play.
  • different styles of music and how to interpret the music.
  • how to use the piano pedals.
  • to build a repertoire consisting of different composers as well as learn to perform the pieces stylistically correct.
  • finger drills and to improve your piano playing with different piano exercises.
  • as a "cherry on the pie" you also need to learn to add your own personal touch to it all!

All of the above could essentially be called "technique", but we usually mean the study of exercises and etudes, scales, chords and their inversions as well as arpeggios when we talk about technical studies.

Here is a look at different aspects of piano playing, and many free lessons with tips and exercises. Read on for free lessons in technique for piano beginners.

Piano Technique Lessons

  • Piano Fingering: Learn the why and how of basic fingering for piano playing, and why it's so important to learn.
  • The Piano Pedals: Learn how to use the piano pedals, as well as some easy exercises.
  • Piano Arpeggios: Part of an important technical skill, playing arpeggios should be practiced regularly. Learn some tips on how to practice with musical examples as well.
  • Piano Scales: Learn about scales and easy ways to learn and play them.


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