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New and Updated

Dec 03, 2016

Electronic Piano Keyboard Lessons

I am interested in lessons, etc, for an electronic keyboard (Casio LK230). I am a true beginner---74-years-old and NO experience whatsoever. But always

Continue reading "Electronic Piano Keyboard Lessons"

Dec 03, 2016

Czerny op 599

Dear Maria, Hi, thanks for this useful website. I have been taking piano lessons for nearly 2 years. I have finished Beyer and now I am practicing Czerny

Continue reading "Czerny op 599"

Dec 03, 2016

Favorite Piano Quotes

Have a quote you love? Something that inspires your piano playing? Here is a collection with favorite piano quotes, for inspiration and motivation.

Continue reading "Favorite Piano Quotes"

Dec 03, 2016

Your Piano Playing Story

Why do you play the piano? Share your piano playing story here! Tell us about your trials and tribulations.(Feel free to brag!) You can also share pictures or videos of your piano playing.

Continue reading "Your Piano Playing Story"

Dec 01, 2016

How to Learn Piano - Tips and Advice for Adult Beginners

How to learn piano - what is the best way? Should you start piano lessons or teach yourself? Are there any other alternatives?

Continue reading "How to Learn Piano - Tips and Advice for Adult Beginners"

Dec 01, 2016

Music Sight Reading Tips

Music sight reading or "a prima vista" means to be able to read music as you play it "at first sight". But, knowing how to read piano notes does not necessarily mean that you can sight read well...

Continue reading "Music Sight Reading Tips "

Nov 28, 2016

Piano Playing Questions and Help

Piano playing trouble? Contact me directly for any piano playing questions you have and read the helpful answers to what others have asked.

Continue reading "Piano Playing Questions and Help"

Nov 26, 2016

Piano Books for Adult Beginners

Find out my reviews and recommendations of the best piano books for adult beginners, either if you are teaching yourself or working with a piano teacher.

Continue reading "Piano Books for Adult Beginners"

Nov 20, 2016

Piano Lessons, Tips and Resources for Later Beginners

Get started to play the piano today with piano lessons, tips and techniques for people who love the piano!

Continue reading "Piano Lessons, Tips and Resources for Later Beginners"

Nov 16, 2016

Top 10 Easy Piano Songs for all Occasions

The 10 best and most requested classical style piano songs suitable for almost every occasion.

Continue reading "Top 10 Easy Piano Songs for all Occasions"


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