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Here are recommendations of top music and piano learning software that can help you in different areas of your piano study.

Top Piano Software

Piano Learning System

One of the most recommended all-around piano lesson software and video courses today is Learn and Master Piano.

It will teach you a variety of styles, from Classical to Rock and is aimed at beginners to late intermediate levels.

This high quality online piano course is a great help when you want to teach yourself piano, but want at least some professional guidance.

Check it out here: Learn and Master Piano

The Best Piano Learning Software

When you learn to play the piano, and especially if you teach yourself, you need to work on several areas, like music theory, note reading, ear training, etc. Great software can help you and will make it more fun to study!

A caveat about learning piano technique:

Proper piano technique can not be learned only with piano software. You need "the human touch".

You need to study pianists and their technique, and preferably have a knowledgeable mentor/teacher at least once in a while to check you out.

You need to actually see, do, feel, observe and evaluate to learn proper piano technique.

Piano Lessons

eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method

This is a piano lesson software program that actually teaches you to sight read music better as well as teaching you piano. I have used Piano and Keyboard Method in my studio for sight-reading practice mostly, and it is working well.

Read my review here: eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method

Note Reading and Music Theory

Music Ace Deluxe

is by far the best software for learning music theory and note reading. This program is fun and builds your skills step by step in a very thorough way. I have used it successfully in my studio for many years. And it's great for both adults and kids!

Get it here: Music Ace Deluxe (Amazon)


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