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Hello, my name is Maria Lewander Androutsou. Welcome to my website about learning how to play the piano!

Online Piano Coach is your online resource for adult beginners who want to start learning the piano. Here you'll discover free piano lessons, tips and tools as you begin your piano learning adventure.

Maria Lewander Androutsou

I am a piano pedagogue and music teacher. I live in beautiful Greece but I originally come from Sweden.

I completed my masters degree in music education (MFA in MU.Ed) in Sweden in 1989, specializing in piano pedagogy and ensemble teaching..

I have been teaching piano and music for over 30 years now, both in Greece and in Sweden. I have taught privately, in community music schools, at high schools, at the university, at the conservatory, and in my own piano studio.

I have also worked as a pianist, cantor and accompanist, general music high school teacher and held lectures, seminars and workshops in piano teaching and pedagogy.

About My Piano Teaching

I love my job! Every day I have the privilege to have my students surprising me with something they have learned, composed or invented.

It really makes my day! I am grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful profession as a music teacher.

In 1998 I opened my own piano studio, and since 2006 I teach full time there. I teach students on all levels and ages in piano, ensemble and music theory.

When I started my own training as a pianist, I had no intention of becoming a piano teacher. No way! Being a pianist was the only thing that mattered.

But I soon realized how for me teaching was endlessly more rewarding than performing would ever be.

Having taught music in two cultures, as well as teaching piano students of multiple nationalities in three languages, Greek, English, and Swedish- has been challenging but also very rewarding. I feel I have learned so much…

Starting an online business as this online piano studio, is something I wanted to do, to partly experiment with online lessons, as well as to share my joy of teaching, and make lessons available to even more students. Here is how I did it!

With OnlinePianoCoach.com I want to help you get started to learn to play this magnificent instrument, and to get lots of ideas and inspiration to continue your music study further!

PS. If you want to ask me a question related to learning the piano you can do so here.

Yours Sincerely,


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